Nation GameZ Shorts Contest!

The NationZ have returned and it’s time to tell us which NationZ should win and why!? To answer that question, we want YOU to create a Short video with up to 3 of your friends!

Entering is easy, film and edit your masterpiece using a free tool such as this one that do not require downloads and upload your video to YouTube. If you are under 13, please ask your parents to upload your video on YouTube. Go to the Nation GameZ Training Grounds Unitz, click on the Enlist Podz and copy your video link to submit it to us!

 Remember that originality and creativity will make you stand out! We will take in consideration that the Woozen who submitted the videos is the Director!

TOP 10 video directors will receive a special prize and the overall winner will appropriate a  Directorz Trophy! Don’t worry directors we haven’t forgotten your co-stars! For helping you with your movie, they’ll also receive a special achievement!

Oh did we mention!? The winner‘s movie will be promoted on our Hot Topics!


If the movie does not respect the following contest rules it won’t be eligible to win.


– Create a short movie that’ll be a minimum of 30 seconds length and must last no longer than 1:00 minute.

– The video can have from up to 4 WoozActorz, including you.

– The video must ENTIERLY be filmed in Woozworld.

– No voices or real faces are permitted in the movie.

– The movie must follow Woozworld’s Code of Conduct.(No bad language, bullying,etc)

– If you are under 13, please ask your parents to upload your video on YouTube.

You have until January 27th to submit your video.

Will You and your friends be the best crew covering the Nation GameZ?

Your Woozband