My Life As A Ghoul

With all of these new ghouls running around Woozworld, there were bound to be some ghoul-tastic tales in the making! Your fellow Wooz Vampires, Goblins, Mummies and Franks shared their own true (well… mostly true) life stories. And, who knew ghouls could write so well? These stories are sure to make you gasp, laugh or, at the very least, make you a little more comfortable in your own ghoulish skin.

So, what are you scared of? Go ahead, give them a read!
Story 1: “The Monster Inside” by Resolute

I felt my stitches as I woke up to my mother’s synthetic grin; her sharp teeth showed through her fake smile. I saw the fear in her eyes as she said, “It’s okay.”

It’s not okay and never will be. It hurt that she knew but could not say: I was a monster. I was scared of myself. I could not manage to hear my own voice through the awful screams inside me. It’s been about a week since my little brother and I died in a car crash. Here we were: Alive. I was not waking up as me but as Frankenstein’s Monster. I could not look in the mirror this morning without clenching my fists, my nails carving small crescent moon shapes in my palm to stop the tears. I was scary. I didn’t see myself, I saw him. I remembered what the doctor had said, “You are a new person.” I shivered at the thought of his voice, “new person.” It echoed in my mind. I was still me, but trapped inside my brother’s body. I had gone through the surgery that brought my brother and I back to life, but it was my soul in his body. I was on my own. I saw one of my deep blue eyes; my mother once said they made me beautiful. Now, they looked ugly. I was a monster. I walked out of my room to see my father sitting at the kitchen table; he was a vampire just like my mother. I wondered if maybe my brother could see this and what he was feeling with me in his body. I stepped outside to find the Cortoza dirt just as cold as I remembered. Apples rolled up in front of our porch, and further up, I could see a wooden basket knocked over. Above it stood one of our neighbors, screaming, “Monster!” She ran away. For hours I could not move. I heard her screams echoing inside me. I could not bear this anymore, living like this. I ran until I tripped over my own fate. In front of me, stood the Frank HQ; “Monster” was written in graffiti all over the building. I remember throwing rocks at it with all my friends. Oh the irony… Throwing rocks at myself. Maybe this was where I belonged… With all the other monsters.

Story 2: “Late Night Bite” by xElliot


It’s finally nighttime; the time where all the creatures of the night come out and play. I slowly creak open my coffin and jump out. It’s Halloween, my favorite time of the year. I can’t wait any longer so I transform into a bat and I fly out the upstairs window. Time to get the night started. Tonight is gonna be a good night. I feel that there’s plenty fresh of blood to settle my ever-growing hunger. I feel the wind against my leathery wings as I soar to the center of Ghoul-O-Ween Town. Tonight’s the busiest night of the year and I am quite hungry. Sleeping in a coffin all day surely builds up an appetite. I swoop down into the center of town and it’s already packed. After a puff of smoke I’m back in my human form. I see a familiar sight as I glance over the large crowd. I see the old hermit Frank Steiner. Perfect. His electrifying blood is shockingly energizing (see what I did there? c;). As I stalk towards him, hiding in the shadows of the night, he becomes alert and starts glaring around with his golden eye. It’s said his eye can see even the slightest movements. If I set him into a panic, I will have to engage in battle. I will stop at nothing to have some of his electrifying blood, so I accept the risk. I race towards another shadow only a few feet away from him. I feel the eye all over me. He makes a grunt and sends out a bolt of electricity towards me. I quickly transform into a bat and swoop above it. He moves into a battle stance. He may be stronger, but I am faster. I swoop down right on top of him before he has a chance to react. A small cloud of smoke appears and the next thing he knows my fangs are deep into his neck. He quickly collapses and I fall right on top. He shouldn’t have fainted so quickly. Maybe I took too much blood? I hear a low rumbling sound, so I quickly jump up and back away. His body slowly crumbles to dust. Whoops. I wipe the blood from my fangs and dash back into the darkness. Now, who’s next? 😉

Story 3: “It’s A Goblin’s Life For Me” by JollyR


Hi there, the name’s JollyG, as in JollyGoblin. It’s a hard-knock life being a goblin. People are always dumping trash on you and whatnot. But, I’ve gotten used to it after 500 years… Good Old Wooz wasn’t always an old, sour figure… Now, time to tell you all about ME, where the attention is supposed to be… Every morning, before people wake up, I eat a kid… No, not a child, a kid! A goat kid! Then, I brush and shower in the nearest sewage pipe… I sit down and stare at people until they get super awkward. This was my normal routine, until one night when it ALL changed.. I was getting ready to close my sleepy, rock hard cold eyes when I heard a sharp bang. I looked below be onlyl to see that Freddy Fasgoblin was being knocked down. But by whom?


Whoever was knocking old Fred down must have been some kind of robot because he never even took a second glance. He took Freddy down, put him in a truck and drove away. I used my super lightning powers to zap the van and six robots jumped out! Luckily I had lava vision so they all got burnt harder than goblins who dissed me in goblin school. I saved Freddy and we became best friends, watching people and whatnot. So, at night I fight crime and in the day I make people feel weird! I guess I really do have the best of both worlds!


Story 4: “What’s A Ghoul To Do?” by -AshionStar-


I woke up and saw toilet tissues all over my bed and hair… What happened? Is this just a dream? When I went to look in the mirror, in horror, I saw myself as one of them… A MUMMY! This HAD to be a nightmare… A totally ghoul-ious NIGHTMARE. I went to school and everyone stared at me… They thought I had a bad hair day and that I put too much makeup on my face to look scary for Halloween. My teachers were also dressed up as mummies… So I hung with them to blend in a bit (oops, teacher’s pet alert!). All day my thought was to go on Woozworld and finally be normal… After all that, I got home and went on Woozworld… And found out that I’M ALSO A GHOUL ON WOOZWORLD. What is life? Pfffft. xD

Story 5: “School SUCKS” by TrinityEadie


“Uggghhh! School.” I hissed, sitting up in my coffin. I hit my screeching bat alarm clock. I stretched, showing off my fangs. I was tired out. Last night had been amazing. I had killed four humans and sucked every drop of oozing blood from their bodies, but then I felt bad so I turned them into vampires so they could live on. The taste of delicious blood still flooded my mouth. I went to the bathroom. There were no mirrors; they are a weakness to us vampires. A reflection of sunlight. I grabbed my Midnight Black lipstick and applied it blindly onto my lips. Then I put on black and red eye shadow. We aren’t allowed make-up at school, but who cares? I’m a vampire. They could give me detention, but what do I care? I’d just skip it. And if I did end up in it, I could turn invisible and just creep out. Or I could pull pranks on the teacher and draw stuff on her face while she sleeps. That’s what I call FUN. Not blood-sucking fun, but still entertaining.  It’s the best when she wakes up and rubs her eyes, smearing the PERMANENT marker everywhere. She doesn’t even realise what’s happened to her. I went outside, carrying my black-and-red lace umbrella to protect me from sunlight. What? I need to protect my skin. Soon, I arrived at school. All the kids laugh at me and call me ‘Batty’ or ‘Miss Barf-pire.’ Both names were made up by my MORTAL ENEMY, Margot Stetson. She thinks she’s sooo clever but they don’t even make any sense. I carry on throughout my classes and then the school day ends. I head around to the back of the school building before turning into a bat and flying away. Of course I could just snap my fingers and teleport, but a vampire needs exercise, right? Then, I went out hunting. I’d sharpened my fangs that morning. I was flying over the cityscape in my bat form when I saw a great target point: a rooftop party! I swooped in for the kill….

Story 6: “Cursed by the Queen” by flabin


Well, it was just a normal, quiet sunny day, when all of a sudden, I heard a noise…

“A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!” shouted my brother.

“OH NO!” exclaimed my family.

I knew there was no such thing as a ‘zombie apocalypse’. It’s just made up, so that’s what I told my family.

“Oh yeah, why are we acting silly?” said my mum.

The whole of my family agreed.

It was getting dark, so I decided to go to bed. Little did I know, there was something, or someone, in my bedroom… I was just opening my wardrobe when…

“BOOOOOO, AHHHHH, SWISH, SWASH!” shouted a mummy. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” I screamed.

It was a real life mummy! I thought it was a dream. I picked up my blanket from my bed. There I saw, the one and only, Cleopatra!

“Oh…my mummies, it’s the real Cleopatra!” I yelled.

She came out wiping her beautiful, elegant gown.

“Oh what a damp room! I’m in such a damp state.” she said, “YOU! I’M GOING TO CURSE YOU FOR THIS!”

So she got out a wand… And then turned me into a mummy!

“Ahhhh, turn me back, please Queen, I will do anything!” I yelled.

But, she left with her mummy guard, leaving me a note. The note said: ”You’ll need to buy the potion to uncurse you. If you don’t, then you’ll have to cope! AND ALL YOUR FRIENDS WILL TURN INTO HORRIBLE MONSTERS! You MIGHT be uncursed by the 2nd of November… Until then. See you next time.”

Will it be you next?

Story 7: “A Moment To Never Be Forgotten” by Lilswaggerificyqe


It was a rainy stormy day around 8pm and my parents had to go shopping to buy  supplies for my birthday party the next day, leaving me home alone. While they were at the store, I decided to tidy up the house. After cleaning the front room, I noticed a door that I had never seen before. So I decided to take a look inside. The room sucked me in! When I stood up I realized that I was in a whole new dimension by the name of Vampsville. Unlike regular kids, I wasn’t scared because I enjoyed watching vampire movies and shows and knew everything about them. I decided to take a  glance around the town. All of a sudden, I heard someone scream for help. I followed the sound. When I arrived, there was a nest of vampires about to suck a girl’s blood dry. I told them to leave her alone. They laughed at me and told me that they would enjoy drinking my blood, too, and tried to attack me. There were no wooden stakes in the area so I didn’t know what to do. All of a sudden, I felt a serious pain in my mouth. Then, I realized that I had fangs. I didn’t have time to question them and I already knew everything about vampires, so learning my powers was very easy. When the vampires approached me, I began to attack them all until they were knocked out. I then saved the girl and, using my super speed, I ran back to the door I came through. When  my parents came home I told them what had happened and they told me that my 16th birthday was the day when I would become a vampire because the whole family was vampires. They told me that they wanted to surprise me with the news, but I learned it myself when I was in the dimension. I then laughed with them about the news they gave me. A few years later, I married the girl I saved. I turned her into a vampire, just like me, and we lived together forever (and we actually did live forever because vampires live eternally). THE END.

Thanks for all of your funny, scary and tragic tales, ghouls! We had a blast reading them. :3

Happy Ghoul-O-Ween!

Your ever-impressed Woozband