My B-Day Party: THANK YOU!
  • November 30, 2013

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Wow Woozens, what a party!!!

I’m posting this message tonight just to thank everyone for all the huge support and affection you guys devoted to me while I was feeling kinda blue… You guys have shown me so many cool Hobbiz that I realized that everyone can indeed be really great at something they love!

My B-Day party was unforgettable and I wanna start this post by thanking taye0 for the amazing Unitz She created just for my party! You rock! I also want to thank the Woozband and all of you who have sent pieces of art for my wonderful B-Day Card! Thank you for all also for the outfit ideas sent, the amazing Unitz designed the whole month, the incredible new Skate Movez and for all the comments left on my Wallz! I can’t believe how much of you care for me so much!

We ended up the night with incredible moments, making our posters in the Photo Booth and playing the awesome new Movez It game, that every single one of YOU helped to build it! What else do I need, when I have amazing friends like you, Woozens? 😀

Thanks a lot, everyone, best B-day EVER!!!