Mr & Ms Valentine Contest!


Valentine’s is commonly known for being a very romantic day but it’s also about celebrating your friendships (new and old)! We all love our friends and for Mr & Ms Valentine, your friends are going to be the one’s helping get you to the top!

As you explore Woozworld with your friends, you will see FriendIN smilies appearing in Unitz. When you find one and click on it, you will earn 1 BFF point! You will ObjectivzBT_targetalso see new Objectivz in your Objectivz Task list! When you complete a FriendIN Objectivz, you will gain MORE BFF points!


Mr & Ms Valentine Facts:

– 1 FriendIN smiley gives you 1 BFF point
– The FriendIN Objectivz give a range of BFF points depending on the tasks
– Collect 100 FriendIN Smilies gives you 100 bonus BFF points
– There’s no leaderboard because it should be friendly competition
– BFF points can be collected between Feb 6 to 13
– 1 month VIP will be given to top 10 (5 boys, 5 girls) and 2 of their friends!

Objectivz_Panel_target (1)

FriendIN smilies will disappear on Thursday February 13th and the top 5 boys and top 5 girls will be nominated for Mr & Ms Valentine. Your friends of Woozworld will then vote for 24 hours! At a special Valentine’s event on Friday February 14th, Mr & Ms Valentine will be crowned (yes, crowned!)!

Not only crowns, but we have 30 months of VIP to give out! The top 10 Woozens will all get 1 month VIP AND they will be able to choose 2 of their friends to get 1 month VIP too! VIP-PALOOZA!

Don’t miss your chance to make new friends and become Woozworld’s first Mr. or Ms. Valentine!

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