Moving Away
  • July 31, 2013

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moving familyDear Jenny,

I’m moving in September and and I’m scared to go to a new school.  What can I do to not be scared?


Dear Woozen,

It’s OK to be nervous and moving and starting at a new school. Change can be scary, especially big changes like this!  But change is good, it helps us grow into the awesome adults we’ll be one day.

Whenever I’m starting something new, it always helps me to remember that there are nice people everywhere!  I know you’ll find new friends, places, and activities to love.  In a few months, you won’t believe that you were afraid to move! X)

And of course, the great thing about social media sites like Woozworld is that you can always keep in touch with your old friends too :3

Good luck with your move!

JennyWooz <3