Are You Ready To Movez It?
  • November 29, 2013

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Get ready to challenge your friends and show off your Movez with the brand new multiplayer Movez It arcade game!

The aim of the game is to choose 3 Movez that your opponent has to remember and copy. In each round you choose a set of Movez that the other player has to remember and they also choose a set of Movez that you have to mimic. Be careful though… you only have 15 seconds to select the Movez! At the end of 3 rounds, the player with the most points is crowned the Movez It winner!

tokenz1To play you need to be at a Movez It game machine. It costs 1 Tokenz to play and every day you will get up to 5 FREE Tokenz! (If you have less than 5 tokens, we will put your total back up to 5 every day). If you use up all your Tokenz for the day,or if you just want to stack up, you are able to get more from the Woozworld Store!

The more wins you get, the more prizes will come your way! We have an all-new Movez It Line including furniture and Unitz.

The Movez It arcade is also available for you to build a Movez It lounge where you can invite friends and even make new friends while Movez(ing) It!