Monster Hunters!

woozworld medievalWoozens, it’s a time travel battle!!  Think you can handle it? Read the case file below!

Time is of the essence so we’ll get down to the facts.

BACKGROUND INFO: MaxWooz was working on a new time machine, but it got a bit beyond his control. Now an unstable time portal has opened in Woozworld, and all kinds of nasty beasties are getting through!  Max & Jay told the girls that they could handle the monsterz, no problem. But of course Mya and Jenny aren’t just going to stand by the sidelines and wait for the boys to take care of things!  They decided to make things a little more interesting by seeing who can send the most monsterz back in time: boy hunters, or girl huntresses?

YOUR MISSION: Earn points for your team, Boys vs. Girls, by defeating time-traveling monsterz and sending them back where they came from!

dragonsMISSION DETAILZ: This week, Medieval Dragonz have crashed into Woozworld.  Girls will be facing boy Dragonz, and boys will attempt to defeat girl Dragonz.
-Wearing any of the Medieval outfits for your team (boys or girls) will earn you a point in the battle.
-If you don’t have the outfits, you can still earn 200 points for your team by completing the Medieval Maze on Tuesday or the Medieval Quest on Thursday.

AWESOME PRIZEZ: Every member of the winning team (boys or girls) will receive a trophy of their monster-hunting skill.

The top 3 monster hunters of the winning team will receive:
500 Wooz
-A large trophy
-Friendship with the Woozband
-A commemorative statue in the Monster Hunter Hall of Fame Unitz!
There may be new monsterz emerging soon. As the stakes get higher, Ultimate Hunters may emerge amongst you! Of course, such top-notch hunters and huntresses will deserve even bigger prizes.

Who will defeat the most monsters and help the Woozband close this time travel portal, the boys or the girls?? Only you Woozens have the power to determine the winner!

We’re counting on you to defend the future of Woozworld.

For a future without monsterz,

Your Woozband