miWorld’s Sweet Factory Unitz Design Contest

Hey Woozens!

Our new Unitz Design Contest is all about our friend Piper  from miWorld’s Sweet Factory Unitz! She shared with all of us her passion for miWorld playsets, candy and especially the mall! Piper would love to see what kind of miWorld mall shop unitz you can design! If you’re not sure what miWorld is please visit miWorld’s Sweet Factory Unitz and watch the video to get inspired!gommachine2

What are you waiting for Woozens?  Entering is simple, create a new unitz in Woozworld, decorate it to look like your perfect mall shop and then submit it in the miWorld’s Sweet Factory Unitz by opening the Podz . Did we mention MyaWooz and Piper will be visiting the mall shop entries to pick a winner. Follow the Fashionistas to find out who impressed them most of all on Thursday.The winner also  will be announced on the hot topicz . Piper and Mya can’t wait to see what you create!

Take a Look at the amazing prize!

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