miWorld : The sweetest of Sweet Factory
  • December 2, 2013

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OMG Woozens! Have you heard of miWorld?! It’s like having a miniature mall right at your fingertips! miWorld allows you to collect, build, connect and play with realistic miniature versions of your favorite shops! Each set is filled with a ton of mini versions of everything that you could want in a Sweet Factory candy shop, Claire’s accessorystore, OPI nail salon, Dairy Queen restaurant or even Sprinkles Cupcakes bakery.

You and your friends can design and build each of your stores your own way and end up building the shopping mall of your dreams! You dream it, you create it!

The miWorld line will be available at Walmart stores nationwide in the US and Canada only! MiWorld, it’s the Real world made mini! Visit our very own miWorld Sweet Factory candy shop unitz in Woozworld today; it’s so realistic you can almost taste the candy!