Mini Sweetz Unitz Design Contest for Mya!

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Hey Woozens!

Our new Unitz Design Contest is crucial for our friend Myawooz! She was in an accident caused by MaxWooz. He loved the miWorld toys so much that he created a shrink ray to transform his unitz into toys; the ray misfired and hit Mya. With the new collection of mini furns in shopz create an amazing living space for local Mini fashionista Mya, keep in mind she’s very trendy and tiny. XD

What are you waiting for Woozens?  Entering is simple, create a new unitz in Woozworld, decorate it to look like the perfect mini home sweetz home and then submit it in the miWorld’s Sweet Factory Unitz by opening the Podz. Did we mention MyaWooz will be visiting the home sweetz home entries to pick a winner? Follow the Fashionistas to find out who impressed her most of all on Thursday. The winner also will be announced on the hot topicz. We can’t wait to see what you imagine and create!


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