Mermaidz vs. Piratez

Avast, mateys!  There be Piratez in Woozworld!

In the old days of Woozworld, Mermaidz and Piratez roamed the seas, searching for the ultimate treasure.  Long forgotten, the old rivalry is now back in a big way – and the treasure hunt is in YOUR hands!

Setting off on this treasure hunt, every day will bring a new challenge of your skill, knowledge, and strength under pressure.  Competing each day’s task Monday through Thursday will earn you a Wuzzle piece, and on Friday your completed Wuzzle board should give you access to a hidden Grotto.   Be sure not to miss a day!

(Check the Wuzzles section of your inventory for your prize.  For more info on Wuzzles, check out this old blog post: Wonderful Wuzzles!)

Over the next two weeks, the Mermaidz and Piratez will race to the Treasure Trove in hopes of uncovering the ultimate treasure next Friday.  Who do you think will reach the treasure first, Mermaidz or Piratez? Piratez or Mermaidz? Which team will you join??

Now bring us that horizon, me hearties!

P.S: Find your Wuzzle in your inventory following theses steps:

Your Woozband