Meet the Pirate Triplets!
  • May 16, 2017

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Ahoy! We have received a message in a bottle from a group of pirates! This is what we have gathered so far…

While sailing the seven seas, these three pirate siblings decided to go their separate ways on their desperate search for gold!

Below are the descriptions each of them wrote about themselves.



Captain Yeti Heart (Elizabeth)


Captain Green Beex (Lucy)

Captain Yeti Heart (Elizabeth)
Ahoy, matey! I’m the oldest of the triplets and have the best head on my shoulders. I try not to get tied up in daydreams (unlike my borthther and sister). I use my logic and reason in most situations and, therefore, I am quite successful in my conquests. My crew is my family and I’ll do anything I can to keep them safe and happy. If you decide to join me on my adventure, not only are you guaranteed safety and happiness, but riches as well!


Captain Green Beex (Lucy)
Ayyye! I may be the middle child (only by ONE minute, by the way!), but I am NOT one to look over! Unlike my boring sister, ADVENTURE is my number one priority! I am ALWAYS successful when I set out to do something and can promise you the same. Liz might have had some *minor* successes, but now it’s MY turn to show the world what I can do! I keep my crew close, but I keep my enemies closer, like any good pirate would. If you join me, you’re sure to have the time of your life. I’ll make you richer (in both gold and adventure) than you ever could have imagined. Choose me if you’re a TRUE adventurer!



Captain Unitz Crasher (Andrew)

Captain Unitz Crasher (Andrew)
Arrr, I’m the youngest of my family and I like to have fun! If I get rich along the way, that’s cool too. My sisters tend to be a little… Dramatic. That’s not my scene. I like to sail the seas in style and I love to keep a crew of easy-going people who know that fun is number one. If you join my crew, you’re sure to have a good, drama-free time!

So, who do you think will be the next Green Beard?