Manage stress!

Dear Jenny,

How do you manage stress? I have loads of tests and exams. I know I should take a break from all of the pressure sometimes but I can’t or I don’t have the time to because there’s another exam coming.  My parents have really high expectations of me and I think I cannot live up to them. I have high grades but sometimes I feel it’s not enough. Anyways hope you answer! -Anonymous :)


Hi Anonymous!

Sorry to hear that you feel stressed out! I manage everyday stress by making small goals and breaking big ones down into small manageable little chunks. You’re less likely to feel overwhelmed, and doing smaller things can TOTALLY help you feel much better about YOURSELF! Try learning to feel good about doing a “good enough” job rather than perfection from yourself and others.

It’s so much easier to manage stress when you let others lend a hand. If you feel pressured by your parents maybe it’s time you sit and speak with them about what happened to make you feel this way. Parents may resort to pressuring without even realising! They can explain their decisions and maybe offer some new perspective!

Your parents obviously believe in your success and that you can do whatever you set out your mind to do! Once you get to work on finding a way to solve the problem, the pressure and the stress will ease.

You also need to get lots of sleep. Between homework, sports, activities and playing Woozworld, it can be hard to get enough rest, especially during the school week.  More rest equals less stress!


I’m sure you’ll come to terms. X)

Good Luck!