Lunch Ideas!
  • September 5, 2013

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Lunch time is such an important part of the day!

Don’t miss the chance to try out these quick and easy ideas that will impress your friends!

 Try out different combinations of ingredients to make it your own creation!!

It is Fan celebration week after all! Check out these cool ideas just below!


Fruit Roll desserts!

shutterstock_140708377Simply get premade crêpes at the grocery store.

Spread some peanut butter or any other spread you wish on one side of the crêpe.

Add some of your favorite fruits on the edge of the crêpe and Roll!

once all rolled up slice the crêpe and voila Fruit RollsDip them in any sauce you want!!




Creative Sandwiches

shutterstock_128359355Super easy to do! Make a regular sandwich then use an old cookie cutter to cut it in the shape you want !

You can top it off with different ingredients to make it as special as you want it to be!

To make it extra fancy you can make fun vegetable and fruit cut-outs to go with your sandwich!



Keep your mind open on trying new foods!

Bon appétit !