Looking Back at 2016…

The Woozband asked you to create a video celebrating your favourite memories of 2016 and they were blown away by the results! Check out the winning submissions, as well as some Honourable Mentions, below!

Congratulations to our winners! They will each receive 2,000 Beex, 200 Wooz, a hair from the current Store and a sub from the Woozband on YouTube. Our Honourable Mentions will also be subbed on YouTube!


by KooKieKing and Daisyroo


by hiamlove187 and xLexiThough


by ladybxg, Dyslexic and DemitriAlan


by XzXEleanorXzX


by ILoveCatSynu


Honourable Mention

by Prettyjod


by Kasia-MJ and Elementsaj


by perfectlilcupcak


by xElliot


by MarvelHS15


Well done, Woozens! Here’s to an equally as memorable 2017!