Logan’s Back for Summer!
  • June 18, 2015

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Woozworld’s favorite surfer chick swooped in during Woozmas last year to bring us a beachtastic bash. Now she’s back for her favorite season – summer at last!

We asked this beach bunny to say a few words regarding her return to Woozworld (and boy did she give us plenty):

“I’m, like, so totally STOKED to be back here with you in my favorite season, SUMMER! Like, finally ya know? I mean, Beach Party Xmas was a total blast, obvi, but summer is really our time to SHIIIINE. You should totally click on the awesome Objectivz on the left-hand side of your screen to start feeling some summer vibes!

I’m actually dying to invite you to the really totally RADICAL Summer Party on July 3rd! It’s gonna be the most super awesome kind of party there is: a beach bonfire blowout, duh! Just picture it: coming back to the beach after ripping some gnarly waves to a sizzling BBQ, a cooler full of punch, and of course some super fantastic Woozens! We’ll chill all day and make s’mores and stargaze at night. I like seriously need to take a chill pill right now cuz I’m so totally psyched!

Hope to see all you righteous Woozens there! Laters!”

So there you have it, Woozens: get started on those summer Objectivz and we’ll see you soon in Woozworld!

Your rad, righteous, ready-for-anything Woozband