LilyWooz Investigates: Jenny’s Mysterious Slumber!

LilyWooz here with the latest in the ongoing investigation of JennyWooz’s long public nap!

Some of you think it was an innocent accident. BeautifulDreams, for example, claims “severe cat allergies” caused Jenny’s condition. Having seen Jenny around cats too many times to count, I discarded that hypothesis.

CholeRocks: “I believe Jenny was trying to help Mya sew her favourite dress back up. However Jenny had a slight clumsy moment and pricked her finger on the needle. She fell into a deep slumber. But I’m afraid I don’t know how to wake her! :(“

LadyChaos: “Cuteness Overload”

halogirl22: “Jenny didn’t realize she left her soap on her bathroom floor. She stepped out and slipped. Oops! Classic Jenny.
That, or a new evil is upon Woozworld. Someone who hates Jenny. My, my.. Maybe it’s LilyWooz HERSELF…”

Like halogirl22’s joke (I hope), some of you thought there might be something more sinister going on. So far, Zeena and ZackWooz appear to be the top suspects, but I did hear speculation about some others!

breeanael: “I think that it might be the work of Zack and Zeena. Zack might’ve of given Zeena a potion so that Zeena could make Jenny fall asleep. But Zeena wanted more revenge, so she threw the potion on Jenny and hid her somewhere. Then Zeena is now dressed up as Jenny ready to take over Woozworld with Zack!!! :c”

taye0: “Jenny was offered some food, she kindly accepted it, turns out it was poisoned but not a deathly kind of poison, one that caused her to fall into a deep sleep, ever lasting. But who would do this to sweet Jenny. Perhaps it was Zenna? After she got caught for kidnapping GoodOldWooz. Or maybe out of jealousy, because Zack still loves Jenny but Zeena still loves Zack. If she was poisoned it must have an antidote. Azurium? True loves kiss? But who is Jenny’s true love.. Her first love Zack, or her Ex-Husband Max?”

UrBaeTylerOakley: “Plot twist. I think Ms.Marje cursed her and maybe she is another future ZeenaWooz.”

Finally, some of you offered solutions that are neither entirely innocent nor entirely evil but rather a mysterious mixture of both…

jason-mark: “jenny sacrificed herself to the hate cloud (mrs miraje grey cloud) to save woozworld and she can only be awakened by an act of true love”

Katie866: “Jenny, picking roses in Max’s garden, sumbles upon one bejewelled peach pink flower bud. She figures, if she starts to give it the love and care it needs now, it should be ready by Valentines day. Each day, rain or shine she goes to the garden and cares for the little plant, even singing to it when days are gloomy. Finally, Febuary 14th arrives and the flower bursts to life, revealing shades of pink, darker in the center, then expanding into lighter shades, at the end of each petal three small dew drop shaped rinestones, glistening in the sunlight. The frangrence of the plant is intoxicating, as Jenny can’t get enough. As the days progress, Jenny becomes completely lost to her own senses, wandering around until she finds herself in Central Plaza, where she lays down for a long nap.”

As Woozworld’s lead reporter, I’ll be tracking down some of these stories to see if there’s any truth in them, but personally, I think Blueblueblueblue pointed out our first suspect: “Too many oatmeal cookies!”

Fingers crossed for our friend Jenny!