Join your favorite Superstar Team and help them win!

Thank to you all, so far this year’s WNS has been a huge success, but it’s just getting started!

The Superstars are simply amazed with all the WNS Tour Bus Unitz submitted last week ! They are also impressed and touched by all new supporters and comments they are getting every single day.



MaxStarting today, there’s 4 different Collectiblz (WNS Emblems) appearing around Woozworld. Each of them has a Superstar’s face: Myana Grande, Jenny Swift, Jayrrell and Maxvicii. It’s time to show your support and help your favorite Superstar by collecting them!



Collect as many Emblem’s as possible to get WoozRadio points for your Superstar and advance their ranking in JayJennythe WoozRadio Top 100. It seems simple, huh? But it’s not! In the WoozRadio Top 100, there are other really good  WoozStars that are already in a very high position…



Haven’t chosen a Superstar to Support? It’s simple!

In order to choose a Superstar to support, follow these steps.

1) Go to the WNS Central Room and visit one of the 4 Superstar’s Tour Bus Unitz (Myana Grande’s, Jenny Swift’s, Maxvicii’s or Jayrrell’s). .     

2) When you get there, click on the GOLD chest and voilà! You are now part of that team! Also, choose wisely! Once you click on a Superstar’s chest, you CANNOT change your mind and get points for another. Once you’ve picked a team, you can only collect the WNS Emblem for YOUR Superstar, no one else! Example: If you chose to support Myana Grande, you can only pick up Myana Grande’s WNS Emblem.

1 WNS Emblem clicked on is 1 WoozRadio point.

If you are wearing one of the new WNS outfits, you will get 5 WoozRadio points for each WNS Emblem collected! The outfit you wear doesn’t matter, as long it’s a FULL outfit. This means you can’t mix and match the Myana Grande’s outfit with the Jenny Swift outfit.

If you are a VIP, you will get 10 more WoozRadio points for each WNS Emblem collected!! 😀

Any prize for winners?

The WNS Superstar team that’s in the #1 spot on the WoozRadio Top 100 on August 29, 2014 at 5 PM WoozTime will receive an exclusive WNS Trophy and 500 Beex! Everyone in the team will get the same prize! But your Superstar has to be in the #1 spot to get the prize!

The top contributor of each team (the one who gets the most WoozRadio points) will get a special achievement and title for being the top Supporter!

Woozens that supported one of the other 3 teams will receive some Beex for their help!

Will Myana Grande beat out Jenny Swift? Will Jayrrell Williams climb his way over Maxvicii? Who will be #1 on the WoozRadio Top 100?!

YOU decide!

Your Superstars