Introducing the WoozGuidez!
  • June 17, 2013

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Hey Woozens,

Woozworld is the best place to have fun online, and that’s all thanks to you woozens!  We know how much you guys want to keep Woozworld fun and safe for all users, so the Woozband is currently looking for the most helpful, kind, and loyal Woozens to be part of a super exclusive team, the WoozGuidez.  WoozGuidez are NOT moderators, but they are closely attached to the moderation team!

WoozGuidez girlAs elite moderator helpers, the WoozGuidez enjoy a variety of benefits:

The exclusive WoozGuide title

The exclusive WoozGuidez shirts

An exclusive dark blue speech bubble and a unique @ in front of your name

Access to the exclusive WoozGuidez Unitz

Prioritized reporting: when a WoozGuide reports a woozen for inappropriate behavior, their concern will be investigated first!

But remember, becoming a part of the elite team that is the WoozGuidez is not something to be treated lightly. Everyone will count on you to help new players discover all the activities available in Woozworld.

Interested in becoming a WoozGuide?  Send us your application by visiting the WoozGuide Center Unitz in Woozworld.  Just write us a brief message describing your qualifications and goals to be a member of the WoozGuidez.

To become a member of the WoozGuidez, you must meet the following criteria:WoozGuidez boy1

Be respectful and honest

Have no serious sanctions on your account

Be an active member of the Woozworld community

Be willing to help new and returning users with their problems and questions

Remember, any inappropriate behavior will warrant immediate expulsion from the WoozGuidez.  Another worthy Woozen will gladly take your spot on the team.

You can only be a member of the WoozGuide for a period of 3 consecutive months.  This is to ensure that as many Woozen as possible can have the opportunity to prove themselves. After your three months are up, you must re-apply to continue to be a team member.

You think you got what it takes? Prove it to us by submitting your application today!