Interim Santa: Clauzé
  • November 27, 2014

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Clauzé puts the I in DIVA, the ME in MERRY and the NO in SNOW. Residing on the border of Lib Street and Colony V in a little place called WoozMount, Clauzé always has the biggest, richest, most extravagant Woozmas parties. Of course, all this glamour comes with a price – divas are notoriously difficult to please. Last year, an unfortunate Woozen wore purple to Clauzé’s Woozmas Diamond Gala, clashing with the ruby, emerald, diamond and gold tones. Clauzé cancelled Woozmas right there and then. Diva rules.




What is your idea of a perfect Woozmas?
Woozmas – well, I prefer to call it “Clauzémas” – should be a winter wonderland, period. Mm mm mm! Snowflakes made of diamonds, a 24-karat-gold tree with sapphire and ruby baubles, and of course, I always give a little performance wearing this gorgeous vintage coat made of authentic Yeti fur. Everyone knows that my parties are simply the best. Clauzémas always costs millions of Wooz, because honey, we’re worth it. If something’s not good enough for me and my superstar guests, I just say NO.

How do you deliver presents?
Simply put, magic. Mm mm mm! I snap my fingers and the presents appear exactly where they should be. Honestly darling, it’s the easiest part of planning my party.

Why should Woozens choose you?
You and I both know that Woozens want the best. I am the best and I offer the best. The gala I throw is so big, some years it’s turned into a New Years’ party! Of course, I expect Woozens to live up to my expectations. If you can’t handle it, you shouldn’t attend. As I always say, Go big or go home. Mm mm MM, Merry Woozmas!