In Search of Azurium

unnamedHey Woozens,

We are living a futuristic adventure with our newest friends Eva and Fil who have come back to 2014 for some much needed help. They need to find a cure for their Dad and we’re asking YOU to help us collect very rare and precious nectar from a special flower called Azurium.

After much research through his travels,GoodOldWooz discovered that Azurium flowers produce a distinct nectar that glows blue when ready to be harvested. Speaking of harvest, our knowledgeable friend also found the way for YOU to grow these extremely rare and beautiful flowers.

The first step for growing Azurium flowers in Woozworld is to get your own Soil Patch from the Azurium Garden and put down the Soil in your Unitz! For the remaining instructions on growing click here.


prizes_enOnce your Azurium flowers have fully bloomed, you’ll be able to start collecting their glowing blue nectar. Collecting nectar will earn you special prizes and help Eva and Fil reach their goal towards their father’s cure!

You can see the community’s progress by clicking the Leaderboard button on the right side of your screen and watch the nectar levels rise.

What are you waiting for Woozens!? Get planting!