Ice Queen VS. Zeena! Which side will you pick!?

So Woozens… As most of you already know, KountVonKlokz has made up an evil partnership with the Ice Queen. Now Woozworld is getting colder and colder and everything seems to get… FROZEN.

Zeena has been standing on the sidelines watching them and out of jealousy; she now wants to retaliate against VonKlokz and save Woozworld.

ice_queen_poseThe Ice Queen and KountVonKlokz now ask you Woozens to join them with making a new FreezeWorld. To make the Queen feel right at home, she requests her castle be built and just like that, snowballs are being spread around Woozworld.snow

However Zeena, smart as she is, is taking advantage of the very same snow that the Ice Queen is dumping on Woozworld, and she wants to build a giant Snowman that will fight the Ice Queen. She is also calling all Woozens for help!zeena_pose

So now, it’s up to YOU, Woozen. Which chilling side will you pick to win? Are you with Zeena or the Ice Queen?

If you are on Zeena’s side, collect as much snowballs as you can and drop them on the Snowman in her Unitz . If you are with the Ice Queen, collect the same snowballs and drop them on the Ice Castle, in her Unitz .

The winning team will get a prize, but it will depend on the end of this story… Will Freezeworld ever become Woozworld again?

That is something we all want to know….