How to Win the Nation GameZ
  • January 17, 2015

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The NationZ have returned… but which one will be the VictorZ? To answer that question, we have the Nation GameZ!

To win the Nation GameZ, become a TributeZ, attack the most DefenderZ, and split a 1,000,000 Wooz prize with the other TributeZ from your NationZ!


Step 1: Join your chosen NationZ (Mystic Alley, Cortoza, Lib Street, or Colony V) in the Woozworld Store. Choose carefully, because you cannot change your NationZ once you’ve joined!

Step 2: When you join your NationZ, you’ll receive an achievement, a stone column, and a SymbZ that represents your NationZ in your inventory. Wear this SymbZ to participate in the Nation GameZ. (You can remove the SymbZ if you ever want to take a little break from defending your NationZ.)

Step 3: When wearing your SymbZ, you’ll be able to practice your attacks against the other NationZ DefenderZ – you’ll see these ancient warriors popping up around Woozworld. For each Defender that you defeat, your NationZ will gain a point! Remember that you must wear your NationZ SymbZ in order to attack a DefenderZ, and you don’t want to attack the DefenderZ of your own Nationz.

Step 4: A Leaderboard will be updated periodically to track the winning NationZ, and the best TributeZ from each NationZ, male and female.

Step 5: Victory! The NationZ will the most points will be crowned the VictorZ, and their best girl and boy TributeZ will be Woozworld’s new Wooznis and Beexta. The members of the winning NationZ, the VictorZ, will each receive a Symbz and an achievement to show off their victorious status, and will divide 1,000,000 Wooz between them, so that each member of the team gets a little gold. The top TributeZ, Wooznis and Beexta, will each receive a special Symbz and achievement, as well as a statue befitting the new protectors of Woozworld.

Will YOU be the one to lead your NationZ to victory?