How Preztigous are YOU?!
  • May 23, 2013

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Hello Woozens,

Have you seen? Please say you’ve seen!! Leveling is HERE in Woozworld! Get ready for these awesome new features that will enhance your Woozworld experience: Preztige and Energy! Wait what? We’ll explain it all for you right here!

Preztige is how your Woozen evolves in Woozworld. You start out at Preztige Level 1 and as you play, you will level your way up earning tons of cool stuff (Beex, Wooz, Furniture, Clothing, Unitz) along the way! You can see how many Wooz/Beex you get at each level, by clicking here!

Preztige is optional (you don’t have to level up if you don’t want to) but the more you play, the more Preztige Pointz and unlocked items you’ll get!

We are also introducing Energy! To perform the actions that give you Preztige Pointz (which we explain later), you need to use Energy. Your Woozen starts out with 15 Energy (20 if you’re VIP) and as you gain Preztige Levels, your Energy limit goes up! 1 Energy refills every 3 minutes and when you level up, your energy bar gets refilled! You can also buy Energy from the Shopz!

How do you get Preztige Pointz?

Doing specific actions in Woozworld will give you Preztige Pointz, but cost Energy. Below is a chart of what actions give you Pointz.

Give a Vote
Take a Photo
Collect Jobz
Play with a Plantz