Hot To The Touch

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Fewf! It’s h-o-t! We’re all super excited that school is out for summer but what’s not that exciting is the heat. We all like a little sun and heat (Mya’s limit is 27°C [81°F] with no humidity and a slight breeze) but sometimes it becomes TOO hot. We walk outside and just… it’s not pretty #InstaSweat #WhereIsWinter #SorryNotSorryActuallyWereABitSorry

It’s time to completely relax, feel refreshed and cool down and that’s why brand new SunChic and SunPatch outfits are available to show off your sun-kissed skin! In Shopz we have the new #InstaBeach furni! Build your own beach from the ground up including sand, water, waves and adorable inflatable animals!

With the #InstaBeach collection, we’re giving YOU the task to build the Woozworld beach! The winner will have their beach turned into a Woozworld Unitz to be displayed all summer long! You have until Wednesday July 16th to submit your beach.

Stay cool!

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