Horrible summer



Dear Jenny, how do I make friends? Last year I got bullied then cyber bullied.. I don’t have any friends after they lied when I trusted them and left me. I’m lonely; my new amazing fun summer… is now a boring horrible summer. So Jenny what do you think I should do to earn trust and make some new awesome best friends before school starts? Thanks Jenny you’re the best :)


Woozen-7477_334756 (2)Dear Anonymous,

I’m very sorry that you had to suffer bullying, that’s never easy to deal with. I know you’ve heard it a lot of times, but… Be yourself! And you will get people that like you for you. If they don’t like you for being yourself, then it is time to move on to someone else.

Making new friends can be easier said than done, make the first move. Don’t be shy; it won’t help you in anything. A good subject to talk about to anyone is music; because almost everybody likes music, you can ask someone what kind of music they like and start a cool conversation with them and even find things in common!

And lastly….. It’s important to be a good listener, because everyone likes to be heard, and if this person feels like you’re listening to them, your new friend will enjoy your company even more.

Your summer won’t be horrible as long as you remember: The only way to have a friend is to be one!

Hope this helps!