Hobbiz-R-us : Max’s Gaming B-Day Party Unitz contest


Over the month, we’ve seen how much you guys care about cheering up Max.With all the positive attitude, amazing art you sent us and creativity you’ve shown with the new Hobbiz, we know we’re gonna get our good ol’ happy Max back really soon.


Just to be sure Max has the best time on his special day, we want you Woozens to Create and design a fun filled unitz for Max’s Gaming B-Day party. You can use the new

Gaming collection furns to inspire the inner gamer in you. When you are done, submit your design in the Blue Podz in my new Gaming Unitz.

You have until Wednesday, November 27th to participate.

The winner will have the honor of hosting Max’s party in his or her unitz. The amazing B-Day party for Max will be held in that unitz next Friday, on November 29th!
Be creative!

The Woozband