SweetBeatTV: Behind the Scenes of “Henry Danger”!

Whether you’re hearing about Nickelodeon‘s crimefighting comedy Henry Danger for the first time or excitedly looking for some inside info on your new fave, SweetBeatTV has got you covered!

In this clip, Sweety High‘s Alex Schiffman visits the set of Henry Danger to chat with its young stars about their new show, their characters, after-school jobs, real-life sidekicks, and their favorite parts of the treasure-filled set.

The show’s main characte is Henry Hart, a boy that stumbles into an after-school job as a superhero’s sidekick. Jace Norman not only plays this after-school-hero, he jokingly claims to have built the show’s set himself from parts he found in the Alaskan wilderness. Now that’s an adventure fit for a superhero!

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Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’ve got to go work on our own sidekick poses.