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Welcome to your WoozIn Page! You can use your WoozIn Page to stay in touch with your friends, share your mood with them, comment on your accomplishments in Woozworld and those of your fellow Woozens, share pictures taken in Woozworld and even share your favorite music links! With your WoozIn Page you will always be aware of the latest trends!



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WoozIn bar

Here is the navigation bar, from here you can navigate between you WoozIn page, Woozworld, our online store and the Woozworld Blog!

Easy access to your WoozIn!

Easy access to Woozworld!

Easy access to the Woozworld online store to get the latest exclusive items!

Easy access to the Woozworld blog to always know the latest news in Woozworld!

You can change Woozen simply by clicking on its icon on the top right of your screen!



Below you will find a description for each sections;

Here you will find the basic profile for your Woozen. Your current amount of Beex and Wooz is also displayed here.

  • The Achievements section contains a complete list of your completed Achievements.
  • Account settings if you want to modify information about your account, membership, purchase history.

Here is your Wallz! Here you can see what all your friends are doing. You can comment, share and post about what you are doing in Woozworld!

  • Write comments on your Wallz or on the Wallz of your friends!
  • You can post Youtube videos right on your Wallz!
  • Click on “Share” to send a post to the Wallz of all your friends!
  • Click on “WoozUp” to show that you like a post, comment or photo!!
  • You can also filter what messages you are seeing on your Wallz, Friends, Hot friends, Woozband and your Wallz.

In this section you will find a complete list of all your friends. You can send them messages, add them to your Hot Friends list or visit their WoozIn page!

  • When you add a Woozen to your Hot Friends list you can keep up with everything they do thanks to e-mail and in-game notifications!
  • You can also see who are your friends, hot friends, relationships and who you have blocked.

Here is your Inbox. This is where you can send and receive all your messages to and from your fellow Woozens!


Please note that your Woozen will remain active in Woozworld while you visit your WoozIn page!


See you on the WoozIn !

How do I add a Youtube video to my Wallz?

In order to add a YouTube video to your Wallz, you will need to;

– Click on Wallz

– Click on the Youtube icon

– You will need to copy paste what comes after http://www.youtube.com/ in your URL bar of the video you wish to share. (example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_8GoSCL_hw)

– Click on “Post” and voila!


We’re looking forward to see what you have to share!

How to take a picture and post it on my Albumz?

How to take a picture and post it on my Albumz?

You can now take pictures in Woozworld and share them on your Wallz! You can comment and your friends can also comment on your pictures! Become a cool photographer!

Taking and saving pictures gives you 1 Preztige Pointz every time! You can keep taking pictures as long as you have Energy, so make sure to stock up so you can keep taking as many pictures as you want.

To take pictures simply click on the little camera next to the edit button.



Simply click and drag the button to select the zone. Let go of the button to take the photo. Press Esc to cancel. Cancelled pictures will not count for your daily total.


Once your picture is taken, you will need to give a name to that picture and assign it to an Albumz.

Albumz 2

If you need to create an Albumz, simply click on “create an albumz” and assign your picture to it.


Once its assigned to an Albumz you can choose to add a comment and post it on your Wallz. And you are done! It’s that easy!


How to organize your Albumz!

How do I organize my Albumz?

To move a picture from an Albumz to another, you will need to at least have 2 albumz. To create an Albumz, you will need to click on “Albumz” and click on “New Albumz”.

Give it a name and click on create.


Select the image you wish to move by checking the box.


And click on “Move to”.

Select the other Albumz you wish to send it to and you are done!

WoozIn Settings

Settings – General

Under the General tab in your Settings options, you will be able to enable or disable certain options;


– Show current location : Lets your Friends see when you’re online and join you where you are.

– Publish achievement : Your Friends will receive a notification in-game every time you complete an Achievement.

– Purchase confirmation message : A confirmation message will be displayed when you complete a purchase from a Shop Podz.

– Show me as VIP : If you’re a VIP, check this box to have a golden profile.

– Ignore friend requests : If you activate this option, you will not receive any friend requests.

– Ignore Relationship requests : If you activate this option, all relationship requests will be automatically ignored.


Settings General


Settings – Notifications


Under the Notifications tab in your Settings options, you will be able to enable or disable certain options;

– Hot Friends login : enable/disable the notification when your Hot friends connect to Woozworld.

– Unitz Visits : enable/disable the notification when someone visits your Unitz.

– Sales : enable/disable the notification if you make a sale.

– Hot friend’s achievements : enable/disable the notification when your Hot friend completes an achievement.

– New message : enable/disable the notification when you receive a new message.

– New friend requests : enable/disable the notification when you receive a new friend request.

– Post on my Wallz : enable/disable the notification when someone posts on your Wallz.

– Comment on my activity : enable/disable the notification when someone makes a comment on one of your posts.


Settings Notifications

How to add Hot Friends

First, click on “Friends” in the menu on the left side of the WoozIn.

Click on the “Actions” button next to the name of the Woozen you want to add as a Hot Friend. Click on “Add to Hot friends”. And you’re done!