How do I earn Preztige pointz?

How do I earn Preztige Pointz?

Preztige Pointz (or “Ptz” for short) are earned when you perform the following actions:

Action Ptz Reward
Give a Vote 1
Take a Photo 1
Pick Up a Collectiblz 1
Play with a Plantz 1
Feed a WooPetz 1
Wash a WooPetz 1
Give a Treatz to a Super WooPetz 1
Pick Up Collectiblz with a WooPetz 2








You will also earn Preztige Pointz when you unlock Achievements and when your Woozen or Unitz receive the most Votes in a day or in a week.

Event Ptz Reward
Easy Achievement Unlocked 1
Medium Achievement Unlocked 3
Hard Achievement Unlocked 5
Your Woozen Received Most Votes in a Day 5
Your Woozen Received Most Votes in a Week 10
Your Unitz Received Most Votes in a Day 5
Your Unitz Received Most Votes in a Week 10







What is Energy?

What is Energy?

Your Woozen needs Energy to perform some actions in Woozworld.

You will start out with a maximum of 15 Energy (20 for VIPs). As you gain Preztige Levels, your energy maximum will go up.

Here is a list of the actions that will cost you Energy:

Action Energy Cost
Give a Vote 1
Take a Photo 1
Pick Up a Collectiblz 1
Play with a Plantz 1
Feed a WooPetz 1
Wash a WooPetz 1
Give a Treatz to a Super WooPetz 1
Pick Up Collectiblz with a WooPetz 0 (costs 5% Hunger for the WooPetz instead)

When you are out of Energy, you can’t perform these actions anymore (don’t worry, you can still chat, travel between Unitz and buy/sell items as much as you want!)

How do I earn more Energy?

How do I earn more Energy?

You can get more Energy by a number of different ways:

– Every 3 Minutes you will receive 1 Energy – it’s that easy!

– Unlocking Achievements will give you a prize of 1, 2 or 3 Energy, depending on the difficulty of the Achievement.

– Gaining a new Preztige Level will refill your Energy Bar to maximum.

– Every time you spend 1 Energy, there’s a small chance you will get 1 Energy back!

– Buy Energy Packs from the Shopz. It’s available in packs ranging from the Teeny-Weeny 5 Energy Pack to the Colossal 500 Energy Pack!

Why do I sometimes have more Energy than my maximum?

Why do I sometimes have more Energy than my maximum?

When you obtain Energy from unlocking an Achievement or from buying an Energy Pack, the Energy you receive can go over your normal Energy maximum.

So for example, if your Energy maximum is 15 and you currently have 3 Energy left, but you just bought a Jumbo 20 Energy Pack, you will end up with 23 Energy. Your Energy total will go down normally as you perform actions until it gets lower than your maximum.

You will not receive 1 Energy every 3 minutes nor from gaining a new Preztige Level as long as your Energy is over your maximum.

What do I get when I raise my Preztige level?

What do I get when I raise my Preztige Level?

Raising your Preztige Level will give you a whole bunch of cool bonuses and advantages in Woozworld.

Every time you will gain a new Preztige Level, you will:

– Unlock HOT & exclusive items from the Shopz.

– Receive a unique trophy at every few Levels!

– Receive up to 1000 Beex or 500 Wooz in prize money (double for VIPs!!)

– Raise your Energy maximum, depending on the Level, up to 26 (up to 75 for VIPs!!)


What’s the maximum level?

The highest Preztige Level that your Woozen can reach is 50.

Once you reach Level 50, you can keep playing the game just like you did before, but now you will receive Beex instead of Ptz!

Don’t worry, we will release more Preztige Levels in the future, with even more cool stuff to unlock in the Shopz!!

What about us older players?

If you have been a Woozworld member since before Preztige existed, we will take good care of you.

Firstly, there’s no need to worry, we’re not touching any of the assets that you already own. You will keep all of your Garments, Furniture, Unitz, WooPetz, Spellz, Beex, Wooz, you name it!

Not only are we not taking any of your old stuff away, we actually want to give you something extra!

We have a special reward for players who were Woozworld members since before Preztige existed.

There are three tiers of prizes, depending on how long you’ve been a member of Woozworld:

Prize Tier 1 (member since less than 6 months):

– Bronze “Woozworld Veteran” framed certificate + 100 Beex + 2 Energy
Prize Tier 2 (member since more than 6 months but less than 12):

– Silver “Woozworld Veteran” framed certificate + 200 Beex + 5 Energy
Prize Tier 3 (member since more than 12 months):

– Gold “Woozworld Veteran” framed certificate + 300 Beex + 10 Energy
You will receive these prizes once you reach Preztige Level 3.

What about VIPs?

VIPs will receive the following benefits that are specific to the Preztige system:

– Double Beex and Wooz prizes for reaching a new Level


– Double Beex prizes from Achievements


– Higher Energy maximum than non-VIPs (up to 75 maximum Energy!!)


– Double the chance to receive free Energy from actions

How Preztige affects your Woozen.

How Preztige affects your Woozen.


Preztige levels are a pre-requisite for wearing different qualities of garments. Following are the different Preztige requirements that you will see for garments in Woozworld, in order:


–       No Preztige level requirement

–       Level 10+ Preztige requirement

–       Level 20+ Preztige requirement

–       Level 30+ Preztige requirement

–       Level 40+ Preztige requirement

–       Level 50   Preztige requirement


If a garment is purchased with Wooz, the Preztige level pre-requisite is waived for this Woozen only. If the said garment is sold or traded to another player, it will once again be affected by Preztige Level Pre-requisite, which is displayed on the garment description window.


Marketplace and Shop Podz


–       Placing a garment inside of a Shop Podz will not add a Preztige requirement to it. Performing a successful sale or trade of a garment will.




–       A garment purchased with Wooz is not subjected to Preztige pre-requisites, for the buyer only. If the said garment is sold or traded to another player, it will once again be affected by Preztige level pre-requisite.

–       Garments purchased with Wooz will have a Wooz Icon displayed on the item description window to separate from similar items purchased in Beex. For garments, this icon also indicates that the garment can be worn without a Preztige level requirement.





New Woozworld economy Q&A

Where can I get Wooz from now on?

You can currently only get Wooz from the Woozworld Store.


Are items in Shopz only in Wooz?

Not at all! There’s now a permanent catalog in Shopz where everything is available for Wooz OR Beex! There will be items from time to time that are Wooz only.


Can I use a Preztige item that is higher level than my Preztige level?

You can avoid the Preztige level of a garment if you purchase with Wooz, otherwise leveling up is the way to go!


Can I sell a Preztige item that is higher level than my Preztige level?



With Beex being the main currency, what happens to Wooz?

Wooz still plays a very important role in obtaining Exclusive Wooz-only goods and the buyer of said goods avoids the Preztige level on items purchased in Wooz.


Is it difficult to level up my Preztige?

No, we’ve adjusted the amount of Preztige points needed to level up. In fact you will be able to level up 100x faster!


Am I restricted to sell items in my Shop Podz for a minimum price?

No! You can sell an item for however much or less you wish in Beex!


Why can’t I sell an item for Wooz anymore?

Wooz is a special currency that can only be purchased from the Store to get exclusive Wooz-only goods!


I bought a friend’s item and can’t wear it, why?

Clothing assets are restricted to Preztige meaning you have to be the Preztige level indicated on the clothing to wear it. This means if you are at Preztige Level 10, you cannot wear a Preztige Level 20 garment. You CAN sell it for Beex to get another asset from Shopz or trade it for another piece of clothing/furniture.


It’s not fair, I can’t wear an item that I already got.

If you had the clothing asset in your inventory before this update, you will not be restricted by the Preztige to wear it. All clothing assets that have a little Wooz icon in your inventory are not restricted by Preztige and you can wear them!


What happens when I sell or trade a piece of clothing that I bought with Wooz?

When you buy a piece of clothing for Wooz, only YOU will be able to avoid the Preztige level and wear it. Once a Woozen buys it from you or gets the clothing from a trade, they will be restricted by the Preztige Level of the clothing item.


Can I donate items to other users aka add items to my Shop Podz for free?

Yes! There is no restriction for pricing in your Shop Podz!


What is Preztige?

What is Preztige?

Preztige is how your Woozen evolves in Woozworld. You start out at Preztige Level 1 with a few basic items and, as you play, you will move your way up to Preztige Level 50 or more, earning tons of cool stuff along the way!

– Most actions you perform in Woozworld will give you Preztige Pointz.

– The more you play, the more Preztige Pointz you’ll get.

– The more Preztige Pointz you get, the higher your Preztige Level will raise.

– As you raise your Preztige Level, you will unlock tons of cool exclusive items like Garments, Furniture, Unitz, WooPetz, etc.

How Preztigious will you be?!