What is Woozworld?

When your child signs up for Woozworld, they get to create their own personalized characters. Through this character, your child can socialize and create friendships with other children his/her age (through their own characters), play multiple games, develop his/her character on many levels (such as change clothes, hairstyle, etc) as well as construct and maintain the private living spaces that he/she owns. There is a lot to see and do in Woozworld.


Please be aware that, for your child’s security, it is not possible to submit any personal information through the chat functionality of Woozworld (phone number, address, name, etc). Our chat system is filtered through Crisp Technologies and we filter any words that are not deemed appropriate for children and teenagers of all ages.


Lastly, there is no obligation to pay for playing Woozworld. However, there are some benefits to it, such as more currency for your child’s enjoyment as well some unique exclusive items. Therefore, for your information, here is a link to the Woozworld store : http://store.woozworld.com/subscribe

Is Woozworld free ?

Woozworld can be enjoyed by anyone for free and for an unlimited time. Please see information on how to create a new free Woozworld account at the end of this message.

Paying residents of Woozworld have access to exclusive content and privileges. For a small fee, these players gain access to special exclusive items, including WOOZ (the main in-game currency), and functionalities that enhance the game play significantly.

To become a VIP member of Woozworld, you must subscribe to Woozworld for a period of 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year. Your Woozen (or player character) will then be VIP member for the whole duration of your subscription to Woozworld. Among other things, a VIP member receives 60 Wooz for every day that they login.

IMPORTANT NOTE : Please make sure that you get permission from your parent(s) before making any purchase on the Woozworld store.

You can read more about our different payment methods at the Woozworld store here : http://store.woozworld.com/

To create a new FREE account and play Woozworld, here is what you need to do:

–          Go to http://www.woozworld.com/.

–          Fill in the required information in the “join now!” section (you may need to click the “Log out” button beforehand).

–          Then click the “play” button located at the bottom of the “join now!” section to customize your first Woozen and start playing Woozworld.

What to do if you are new?

Woozworld can be a big and intimidating place and is filled with a great number of things to do. Our recommendation to you would be to take it one thing at a time, experiment and most of all, have fun! Here are some of the things you can do in Woozworld :

–          Build your own rooms (called Unitz) and furnish them with anything you like.

–          Customize your character with different haircuts and clothing.

–          Chat with friends.

–          Participate in contests.

–          Play games.

–          And much more…

You also have a Help menu available to you at any time. This Help menu is represented by a question mark which you can find at the bottom-right hand side of your screen while playing Woozworld.

What do I do in Woozworld?

In Woozworld, tweens can safely create their own universe, play, and communicate with each other. Woozworld is here to encourage tweens to flex their creative muscle and find their place in the world.

In Woozworld, every child can:

  • Create and customize his/her Woozen with accessories
  • Create his/her Unitz and transform the world
  • Play with WooPetz, Plantz, Wuzzles, Spellz and other games
  • Vote for the best Unitz and Woozen
  • Communicate with others players and friends
  • Take on the world by storm and complete diverse missions
  • Earn Beex and purchase Wooz to buy garments and furniture
  • Participate in Woozworld’s animations and activites

And many more benefits from Woozworld!

Your child’s online safety is our main priority!

  • Woozworld is a 100% safe environment
  • Personal information is protected
  • Conforms to “Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act” norms

What is a Woozen?

All Players are represented by a Woozen. To make your Woozen unique you can buy cool clothing in the Shopz, the Store or in Shop Podz all around Woozworld. Your clothing will be kept in your inventory and can be placed directly on your Woozen to create the hottest look around!


You can change your Woozen’s face in Woozworld face changers. You can also get a new color for your skin and eyes in the tanning booths. If you want to get a Tattooz, or remove one, check out the Tattooz Podz.


Each Woozen has its own Profile. You can consult your Profile by clicking on the Profile icon, located at the bottom of the screen. A window will open with an image of your Woozen as well as links that will let you see your trophies, your relationships, your WooPetz and view your Inventory. It will show the name of your Woozen and the Title you have chosen, as well as your Preztige Level. You can also see the Profiles of other Woozen by clicking on their portrait. When you view a Woozen’s Profile you can send them messages or send them a Friend request, see their trophies, their relationships and enter their public Unitz.


As a Woozen, you own Unitz that are spaces which you can decorate with the objects you have in your Inventory. To see your Unitz, simply click on the My World icon at the bottom of your screen. You can click on your Unitz to navigate there or even buy other Unitz to create a wider, even more entertaining, World. To learn how to furnish a Unitz, please see the following section:


How to furnish a Unitz

How do you navigate in Woozworld?

In Woozworld, your child manipulates an avatar, his Woozen, which he can move on the screen by clicking on the floor. In each screen, there are doors that allow the Woozen to move from one screen to another.

Plus, he can use the My World and Woozworld Maps to explore dozens of different worlds created by others children.

Finally, the child can click on other Woozen’s Profile to discover the worlds they have created.

How to create another Woozen?

Each account can hold one (1) Woozen. If you wish to have another Woozen you will need to create another account using a valid e-mail address.


Note that old Woozworld account will retain the number of Woozens that they had prior to the WoozIn update.

How to get clothes/items in Woozworld?

You can get clothes and items in multiple ways in Woozworld, but the two major sources for clothes are either the Shopz or through a Shop Podz. The Shopz is accessible at any time by clicking the Shopz buttons either on the left side or on the bottom of the screen.


In the Shopz you can purchase Garments, Furnitre and all sorts of other items, including Unitz, accessories and even WooPetz! The Shopz is separated in different sections, including one for New Stuff, one just for Energy, another exclusively for VIPs and even a section that contains only items that are locked by Preztige Level. The items in each section can be sorted by price, by Feature or by number of WoozUps received.


You can search through the items that are sold in the various Shop Podz around Woozworld by clicking on the Catalog Search button. The Catalog Search will sift through all the Shop Podz in Woozworld, including those that belong to other players as well as those that belong to Woozworld. You can also visit another player’s Unitz to check out their Shop Podz in person, and you can find all the Unitz containing Woozworld Shop Podz by clicking on the “Store” tab of the World menu (click on the green “World” button to find it). Visit those at any time to buy cool exclusive items!

It is possible to get more clothing articles and items through contests and events, but for those you will need to keep an eye on our blog here.

You can also get special clothing and items through Woozworld Secrets, our Woozworld app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Click here for more details.

How to earn Beex?

How do I earn Beex?


In Woozworld, you can earn Beex in lots of different ways. And when you become a Subscriber, you can earn up to three times as many Beex, for each of your actions.


Gaining a new Level

Every time you gain a new Preztige Level, you receive a certain amount of Beex as a reward! If you’re a VIP member, you’ll receive double the amount. Check out the Preztige progression chart to see exactly how much Beex you can win at each level:



Every Achievement you complete earns you more Beex. Check your list to see what Achievements await you.


Plantz & other Games

Grow Plantz in your Unitz and harvest Beex from them, or complete Wuzzles that give large Beex prizes! Have fun discovering all the different ways you can play games and earn Beex throughout Woozworld.


Get to the Top of Woozworld!

Each week and every day, we tabulate how many votes Woozens and Unitz have earned. Those that earn the most votes gain Top 50, Top 20, Top 5 status—or even the coveted first place!—and win extra Preztige Pointz, Beex.

It’s your responsibility to be a Woozen with a great look who is super active in Woozworld or to have the most divine Unitz if you want to be among the most voted elite!


Sell objects – Earn even more Beex!

If you are a true entrepreneur you can hunt for exclusive or sale items and resell them in your own Shop Podz.

How to earn Wooz?

Making a purchase through the Woozworld store here : http://store.woozworld.com/ (you must be connected to your Woozworld account beforehand)


We offer many different payment methods such as :


– Credit card


– Paypal

– OpenBucks Card

– Woozworld Gift Card



For a modest sum, you can purchase Wooz, exclusive items and outfits as well as one-time, non-recurrent VIP passes and more.


VIP Subscription:

You can go all out and purchase a monthly, 3 month, 6 month or annual subscription which also provides your Woozens with a VIP status, access to exclusive items and areas of the gameas well as an additional 60 Wooz per day that you login.

How do Shop Podz and Stores work?

How do stores work?

Stores and Shop Podz are items that allow you to purchase and sell your own stuff! Stores are found in the public Zones and are run by the Woozband, while Shop Podz are found in Unitz and are owned by individual Woozens. You will find many Zone Stores in Woozworld selling cool accessories, clothing, and furnishings for your Woozen and your Unitz. Navigate around Woozworld to discover them! To start, you can go to the Stores tab in the World menu at the bottom of your screen.


How the Stores and Shop Podz work


In a Store or Shop Podz, you can classify the items for sale by categories or types (torso, legs, doors, accessories, etc.). To buy an item, click on the “+” button. This will add the item to your Shopping Cart. When you are done shopping click the “Buy” button at the bottom of the shopping cart.


Choose an object’s color


When you place a colorable object in the shopping cart, the upper part of the panel will show you a large scale version of that object. Next to the large scale version of the object you will see up to three colored squares. By clicking on a square you will be able to choose another color and change the look of the object. It’s important to remember that once purchased, you can’t change the color of an object. If you want the same object in a different color you’ll have to buy a new one, so make sure you select the right color before you buy!


Your Shopping Cart

All the items you wish to purchase go into your Shopping Cart. When you are finished Shopping, click on the “Buy” button at the bottom right of the window of the Shopping Cart.

If you have enough money, a window will pop up asking you to confirm the purchase. When this is done, your newly bought items will automatically appear in your Inventory ready to be used!

If you don’t have enough Beex to make the purchase, a window will pop up telling you that the sale isn’t possible. You can either remove some items from your Shopping Cart or accumulate more Beex.

If you don’t have enough Wooz, a window will pop up and explain how to Get More Wooz.

How do I use my Inventory to dress my Woozen?

How do I use my Inventory?

The Inventory contains all the objects that you have received or purchased. To open it, click on the Inventory button at the bottom right of the screen.  Inventory is divided in several tabs: Clothes, Objects, Mystery Gifts and Wuzzles. You can filter the objects by type.


Dress your Woozen

Open the Inventory and go to the Clothes section to see all the clothing your Woozen can wear. Choose a piece of clothing by clicking on it to open the side panel and click on the Add button that appears to the bottom-right of the object. You can also drag and drop an object directly on your Woozen to dress it.


Delete objects

You can delete an object from your inventory by using the recycle icon at the bottom left.

How to furnish a Unitz

To add items to your Unitz, first enter your Unitz, then click on the Edit button which you can find at the top left of your screen.

Edit button


Then click the inventory icon. From this point on, you can drag and drop items from your inventory directly into your Unitz. You can customize your Unitz any way you like in this way.

Edit 3

You can also modify a lot of other stuff in your Unitz with the options found in the Unitz Edit button.



Modify the accessibility of your Unitz:  It can be open to all Woozens (public), only to your friends, or even only to you (private)

Prevent other users from advertising other unitz while in your unitz (only available top VIPs)

Change the floor and wall colors

Purchase a new background for you Unitz

Empty your Unitz. All the items you placed in the Unitz will be sent back to your inventory.

From your Inventory, choose the Objects tab(furniture and decorations) and place them in your Unitz.

Rolling over objects will bring up a function bar. This toolbar allows you to:

Rotate the object

Write a message about it

Put it back in your Inventory

How to create your Unitz!

Your World is made up of Unitz created by you or other Woozens. You can decide to create a cave, a house with a garden, the inside of a spaceship—or mix it up with a bit of everything! It’s up to you and your friends to create and connect your Worlds!

Open the My World window by clicking on the blue icon at the bottom left of the screen. Then, click on the + button to open the Unitz Store and choose the model you like best. Once purchased, your new Unitz will show up in the My World window.

How to create a shop?

Buying your Shop Podz

Many Shop Podz models are on offer at different prices and with different capacities and and restrictions. These can be purchased from other Woozens or from the Shopz.


Stocking your Shop Podz


Once inside your Unitz, move your Shop Podz from your inventory and place it where you want to start your business. Like any other object, the Shop Podz can be moved around and you can add a message to it.

Now, click on your Shop Podz to open its window and drag the objects you want to sell from the Inventory into your Shop Podz.

Each object opens a detailed window where you can state the price of the object In Beex, as well as how many of each type of item you are selling. You can also add a message with text describing the object. Click Apply to confirm your changes or on OK to save all and leave the Shop Podz.


Organizing your Shop Podz


You can name your Shop Podz, class your objects by category (furnishings, clothing, Spellz, etc.) or by type.

The maximum capacity of your Shop Podz is shown at the bottom of the window. It refers to the maximum number of types of items you can sell at one time. This means you can sell large quantities of a single type of item but are limited as to the number of different types of items you can sell.

If the capacity of your Shop Podz is no longer great enough, you can purchase high-end Shop Podz or many little Shop Podz!


Shop Podz Mannequins


You can buy Shop Podz Mannequins in Woozworld. They can receive 4 objects categories (head, torso, legs, feet). Each element is added to the Shop Podz AND displayed on the mannequin to present the outfit you want to sell.

The mannequin can receive one element of each category in as many items as you wish. One new object will automatically replace the last one in the same category.

Don’t forget to come back to furnish your Shop Podz mannequin when all items of a same category will be sold.


Shop Podz are special items that can be used to sell items. When browsing lists of items looking for a Shop Podz, look for items that have a small cash register icon ShopPodz next to them. These are the items that are designated as Shop Podz and that can be used, by you, once placed in a Unitz, to sell any items you want to sell to other Woozens.

So, in conclusion, to create a Shop or Store, one only needs to place a Shop Podz (or more than one) in their Unitz. Once placed, these Shop Podz can be accessed by you, and you can place items on them from your inventory. You can even set a price for these items. Other Woozens can then access your Shop Podz and choose to buy an item from your Shop Podz if they so decide.

Lastly, your Shop Podz can also be browsed using the Catalogue in-game and advertised in the Marketplace.

How do I communicate in Woozworld?


Chat allows you to send messages to Woozens who are in the same Zone or Unitz as you.

To chat with other Woozens in Woozworld, all you need to do is type what you want to say in the chat box located at the bottom of your screen and hit enter once you are done typing. Take note that Woozworld uses a chat system regulated by  Community Sift, and will filter words that are judged offending. The filtered words will appear as #.

You can also choose to send them a Private Chat or a Private message. In order to do so, you will need to put your mouse pointer and hover over the Woozen you wish to speak to, you should see a small window open with a few options, in these options you will see “Send me a message” and “Private chat”. Click on either of these to have a more private communication method !


Private Chat

Private Chat allows you to send instant message to any Woozen who is online. You can access the Private Chat window by clicking on the button at the bottom left of your screen. In that window, all your conversations appear in tabs on the left.

To start a Private Chat with a Woozen, click on the button that appears when you move your cursor over their avatar. If you know a Woozen’s name, you can also type ” /t WoozenName Your message ” in the chat bar.


Chat History

The Chat History section lets you read previously-sent chat messages. Click on Chat History (bottom-left) to launch this function.



You can use emoticons to express yourself. Click on the Emo button and choose the expression that best describes your mood. The Emo will appear as a chat message above your Woozen.


Advertise unitz

On the right on your chat bar, there is a button that allows you to include a link to a Unitz in your messages. Click on the button, select the unitz you want in the list and when you’ll talk, a button will appear on your chat bubble. If Woozens click on it,they will go to the selected Unitz! A very good way to advertise your Unitz!



Click on the Messages button (the letter-shaped icon located on the right toolbar) to open your Mail. You’ll be able to exchange messages with your friends and receive mail from The Woozband.

Unread messages are indicated by a sparkling envelop. Click on the message to open it.

To erase a message, click on the message and drag it to the trash can located at the bottom of the messaging window.


Sending a message

Click on the New Message button. This will open a message window.

In the Send to field, select the name of the Woozen to whom you wish to send the message. You can also click on the arrow to the right of this field and choose a Woozen in your Friend list.

You can also do a search to find a Woozen. Click on the Search icon (the magnifier icon). Write the name of the Woozen you are looking for and then click on the Search button. A choice of Woozens will be proposed. Select the name of the contact, then the OK button that will appear to the right.

Once you have finished your message, click on the Send button and you’re done!

How to get around in Woozworld?

You can walk anywhere in Woozworld. But you can use the World Navigation window to teleport around to key locations in Woozworld.

The Featured tab shows you the Unitz that we think you’ll love visiting in Woozworld!

The Hot Now tab shows you the Unitz where the most Woozens are hanging out right now.

The Top Unitz tab shows you the coolest Unitz of the week as voted by all Woozens.

The World tab shows you the 4 Nationz—Lib Street, Mystic Alley, Colony V, and Cortoza, and the Woozworld Plaza.

The Social tab shows you the Unitz to visit to find what you are looking for:  Unitz with tons of fun Spellz, cool clothes, and objects for sale.

The Discover tab randomly picks Unitz you might want to visit.

Click on the My World icon to see your own Unitz, your Favorite Unitz, and the Unitz your recently visited.

Unitz have doors that lead to other places—the name and preview of the destination appear when you roll over each door. Click on the door to take your Woozen to other Unitz.

Some doors can only be opened by Woozens who own the right visitor key. What’s more, Woozens can decide who can enter their personal Unitz and, if they want, have Unitz that only their friends can enter by giving them a visitor key.

What is the difference between memberships, VIP Passes and Wooz packs?

Our offers can be broken down into three major branch; Subscriptions, VIP Passes, Wooz packs.


Subscriptions come in four (4) forms; 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year. Subscriptions will give the account VIP benefits and will renew itself at the end of their respective time. Subscriptions need to be cancelled by the account owner via the Manage my Account option or by contacting us. Subscriptions are applied to the whole account.


VIP Passes are often packaged with a few in-game items or Wooz (in-game special currency). VIP Passes come in two forms, 7 Days and 30 Days, once the VIP Pass period ends, the Pass will simply expire and does not need to be cancelled manually. For VIP Passes, while the VIP status is applied to the whole account, the bonus items/Wooz will only be given to the Woozen selected at the moment of purchase.


Wooz packs will often come with exclusive in-game items . The amount of Wooz varies from offers to offers at a price range from 0,99$ to 19,99$. For Wooz packs, the items and Wooz will only be given to the Woozen selected at the moment of purchase.


When purchasing a subscription or VIP Pass you will become a VIP, and this will give you certain privileges in the game :

  1. You get to skip ahead of waiting lines to get into popular Unitz.
  2. You get access to new clothes, furniture and some special features before anyone else in Woozworld.
  3. You get access to some exclusive Unitz.
  4. You get 20 starting Energy instead of 15.
  5. You get a golden profile window.



Why subscribe?

Why subscribe?


Get Wooz


By subscribing and becoming a VIP, you get more votes to cast every day as well as Beex and Wooz for each of your actions. You get access to:


Unique clothing

You get access to some exclusive Unitz.

You get to skip ahead of waiting lines to get into popular Unitz.

Exclusive Furnishings and objects

Premium Spellz

Premium dance moves

These upgrades allow you to experience the very best of Woozworld!


Daily rewards

When you are a subscriber, you get a daily allowance of 60 Wooz for each Woozen on the account.


VIP exclusive gifts

It is rewarding to be a VIP member for consecutive months, get a special VIP exclusive gifts for each consecutive months that you are a VIP member.


More Energy!

As a subscriber, you get a higher Energy maximum than other Woozens that you can use to Vote, take Photos, take care of your WooPetz or play games!


Block ads for other unitz

From the Edit mode of your Unitz, you can select a black ads option. With this enabled, the other Woozens will not be able to put links to their unitz in their chat message while they are in your Unitz.

What are Achievements?

What are Achievements?

Achievements are goal-oriented challenges that Woozworld presents to you. The more Achievements you complete, the more you win Beex, trophies, and titles that you can post in your Profile. The more Achievements you complete, the tougher they get!


Visualize my Achievements

Click on the Achievements Icon in the toolbar at the bottom right. You can see Achievements in progress, those you have completed, and others that will soon be available!

Achievements in progress are arranged in order of progress level. Achievements are also labeled with their classification (economic, social, etc.), their name, and the title and payment you will earn upon their completion.


Using Titles

Each completed Achievement earns you a new Title. Open your Profile to choose the one you want to post next to the name of your Woozen.


Reward Items

Some achievements will earn you specific Reward Items. Don’t hesitate to put them in your Unitz to show them to your friends!

What are Collectiblz?

Woozworld is full of things called Collectiblz that need to be picked up. Some are nice, some are yucky. Your fun begins by trying to find them before someone else does! Some objects only need a simple click to make them disappear, while others have short games to play. Every Collectiblz found and completed earns you Preztige Pointz and sometimes, randomly, a bonus Energy! So don’t hesitate to click!

What are WooPetz?

What are WooPetz?

WooPetZ are friendly animals that accompany you in Woozworld. You can own as many WooPetz as you want but only one can accompany you at a time.

To have a WooPetz accompany you, select it from your WooPetz window and click on the “Come Here!” button.

To make the WooPetz disappear when it’s accompanying you, click on the “Disappear!” button.


WooPetz Window

You can access your WooPetz window from the WooPetz button located at the bottom of your screen. You can also open it from the menu that appears when you place your cursor over the WooPetz that is accompanying you and from a button in your profile window.

From your WooPetz profile window you can either make your WooPetz accompany you or make it disappear. You can also see the WooPetz Foodz and Hygiene gauge and open your WooPetz Foodz and Soapz inventory.

You can access the WooPetz window of other Woozens from their profile window or from a menu that appears when you place your cursor over their WooPetz.




WooPetz have a WooPetz Foodz gauge that indicates their feeding status. With time, the WooPetZ Foodz gauge of your WooPetz will decrease. If the WooPetz Foodz gauge becomes empty, the WooPetz will not be able to accompany you.

To feed a WooPetz, just drag and drop WooPetz Foodz from the WooPetz food tab of your Actionz window to the WooPetz (or its profile window).

When you give WooPetz Foodz to your WooPetz, it fills its WooPetz Foodz gauge by 25% and gives you 1 Preztige Pointz!




WooPetz also have Hygiene gauge that indicates how clean they are. With time, the Hygiene gauge of your WooPetz will decrease. If the gauge becomes empty, your WooPetz will be surrounded by a stinky cloud and roaming flies!

To clean a WooPetz, just drag and drop WooPetz Soapz from the WooPetz soap tab of your Actionz window to the WooPetz (or its profile window).


When you give WooPetz Soapz to your WooPetz, it fills its Hygiene gauge by 25% and gives you 1 Preztige Pointz!


Super WooPetz


You can choose to train any of your WooPetz and turn them into a Super WooPetz. WooPetz can perform awesome Trickz, like the Backflip or the Moonwalk! Have fun discovering all the different Trickz. A Super WooPetz can also follow you even if its Foodz guage is at 0%, although it won’t be able to pick up Collectiblz until you give it some more Foodz.

To make your WooPetz a Super WooPetz, all you have to do is click on the certificate button in the top-right corner of the WooPetz window to purchase and use a training certificate on your WooPetz.




WooPetz love performing Trickz for their owners! By clicking on the Trickz icon in the WooPetz window, you can choose the Trickz that you want your Super WooPetz to perform. Every time you make your WooPetz perform a Trickz, you get 1 Preztige pointz! New Trickz can be purchased at the WooPetz Shop and other locations.

What are Plantz?

What are Plantz?

Plantz are playable items in Woozworld. You can buy them in the Woozworld stores and put them in your Untiz. You must take care of your Plantz on a regular basis (usually once a day though it can vary depending on the Plantz type) by weeding them and help them grow.

Every time you click on the Plantz to take care of it, you will have a chance to play the weeding mini-game, which will give you a reward of 1 Preztige Pointz and an amount of Beex and items that vary depending on your performance and on the Plantz Tier. If you are a subscriber, your chances of getting good rewards are bigger.

Every time you play with the Plantz, you have to wait a certain amount of time until you can weed it again.


Growing your Plantz

Anybody who can acess your Unitz can take care of your Plantz and earn random Beex and Mystery Gifts based on their weeding performance. Taking care of a Plantz helps it grow. Rolling you mose cursor over the Plantz will show you how far it has grown. Once its growth reaches 100%, you can click on the Plantz to Harvest it by playing the mini-game, which will give you an even greater reward.



Once harvested, the Plantz goes back to its original state and you can start weeding and harvesting it all over again. Most Plantz can repeat the whole growing cycle several times. The number of cycles can vary depending on the Plantz type. After all cycles are completed, the Plantz will no longer be usable.

What are Votes and Leaderboards ?

What are Votes and Leaderboards ?




As a Woozen you can as long as you have Energy remaining. Express your power to shape Woozworld by voting for any Woozen or any Unitz you like!

Each day and week, the total number of votes received are counted and the Top Woozen and Unitz earn specific Beex and Preztige Pointz prizes (double Beex for subscribers) according to their rank.

Top Woozen in various categories can see their rank displayed on the Leaderboards in Woozworld Plaza and on their WoozIn Page. Top Unitz are also displayed in the World menu.


Seasonal Leaderboards

Special season event Leaderboards display Top Woozen based on the votes they receive or/and specific contests. Top winners will receive great prices at the end of the contests.


Restaurant Leaderboards

In these leaderboards, you can find the best monthly Restaurants. Those are the Unitz where the most Foodz are eaten.

What are Actionz?

What are Actionz

Actionz are different ways of expressing yourself and interacting with others. You can open the Actionz window by clicking on the Actionz button at the bottom left of your screen.


Actionz window

There are five tabs in your Actionz window:

 Emo. Use Emos to express yourself!

 Movez. Use Movez to make your Woozen move. Just click on the selected Movez and your Woozen will instantly start moving.

 Spellz. Cast Spellz on yourself or other Woozens.

 Spell Jobz. Cast Spell Jobz on yourself or other Woozens.

 Foodz. Place your Foodz on a table and eat it.

What is a Spellz?

What is a Spellz?


Spellz are temporary spells Woozens put on their friends, on their enemies and sometimes on themselves to have fun, to congratulate each other or to play a trick.


Using a Spellz

Open the Spellz inventory by clicking on the Spellz tab of the Actionz window. In the Spellz Inventory, click on the Spellz icon you would like to use and drag it on a Woozen or yourself to cast it.


Spell Jobz

Some Spellz, called Spell Jobz, can put you into a special role (ice cream vendor, cupid, etc) for several minutes. During this time, anyone who clicks on you receives a Spellz associated to your new role (ice cream cone, arrow through the heart, etc). The best part of it is that you earn Beex for each one of those clicks (and some Wooz if you are a Subscriber)! When you use Spell Jobz, you change into an special outfit and grow. Make the best of your Spell Jobz time by taking on a role in a room filled with other Woozen to have a big fun party. If you want to cancel a Spellz Job, you can click on the “Cancel Spellz” button on the right side of your Spellz Inventory.


What are Foodz ?

What are Foodz ?

Foodz are objects and Spellz that will allow you to use food in Woozworld! With Foodz you will be able to produce aliments, place them on tables, eat them and clean your mess afterwards.


Produce Foodz

Some items allow you to produce Foodz. Like Plantz, these items have a limited lifetime and cannot produce infinite Foodz. By clicking on a furniture that produices Foodz, like a Pizza Oven, you will receive a variable amount of Foodz.

You can obtain different types of Foodz depending on the furniture you click on: meals, desserts and drinks but also cleaning products that will allow you to clean your tables when you are done eating!


Use Foodz


Foodz you own are placed in you Foodz inventory. To access you Foodz inventory, click on the Foodz tab of Actionz. To use a Foodz, drag it from your Foodz inventory and drop it on a table. The Foodz will place itself directly on the table and will be ready to eat.

To eat Foodz placed on a table, just click on it. Once the Foodz is eaten, the dirty Foodz remains to be clean. To clean it, you need to use a cleaning product. Drag the cleaning product from your Foodz inventory and drop it on the dirty Foodz to make it disappear.

If you don’t want to use all your Foodz, you can sell them in a Shop Podz.

What are Eventz?

What are Eventz?

Eventz allow you to promote any activity in your Unitz: A big sale, a wedding, a party… You can also access the list of Eventz that are currently happening in Woozworld at all times.


Create an Eventz


Go the Unitz you want to create your Eventz in and open Edit mode using the Edit button on the top left corner of your screen. In Edit mode, click on the “Eventz” button  to open the Eventz creation interface. In this window, you can give a title and a description to your Eventz, as well as picking a category. The category will make it easier for other woozens to find your Eventz.

Once you have entered all the information, click OK to start the Eventz. The Eventz will stop if you exit Woozworld or if you click on the Abort button in the Eventz creation window from your Edit mode.


Find and join an Eventz


To find an Eventz, click on the Eventz Search button at the bottom of your screen. The Eventz created by VIPs will appear on top of the list. The remaining Eventz currently happening will be displayed in popularity order. You can filter this list by category or by using keywords. For each Eventz, a thumbnail of the Unitz is available. If you click on it, you will be teleported to this Unitz.

When you are in the Unitz where the Eventz is happening, you can see all the information related to the Eventz by clicking on Eventz Information in the top left corner of your screen.

What are Mystery Gifts?

What are Mystery Gifts?


Mystery Gifts are special objects that will give you a random reward when you open them. To use a Mystery Gift, open your Inventory to the Mystery Gift tab  and click on the “Open” button to get your random reward. There are different Tiers of Mystery Gift. The highier the Tier, the bigger the chance to get a nice reward.

How do I make a Trade?

How do I make a Trade?

The Trading system allows you to trade items directly with other Woozens, without needing to use a Shop Podz to sell or buy items.

You can trade as many items as you want as often as you want.

Note: you cannot trade any items that are non-transferrable.


How to start a trade?


To initiate a trade with another Woozen, you need to click on the “Make a Trade” button on the Woozen’s tooltip (which you can find by rolling over the Woozen with your mouse).

After you have asked to make a trade, wait for the other Woozen to accept.

Once your request is accepted, the Trading Interface appears. Here you can drag and drop the items you want to trade directly from your Inventory into the trading window.

You can change the quantity of each item by clicking on the up and down arrows next to the item.


How to know what i’m getting in return?


The left-hand side of the Trading Interface displays what the other Woozen is offering you.

Make sure you pay close attention to this side, as you want to make sure that you’re getting some good stuff in return for what you’re giving!

The trade window does not allow something to be traded for nothing (having one side of the trade empty).


How to confirm a trade?


Once you are happy with the items that you are giving and receiving, you simply have to click on “Confirm” to proceed with the trade.

The interface will wait for the other Woozen to confirm the items that they’re giving as well, just to make sure everyone is happy with the trade.

Note that every time you change one item in the trade, both Woozens will have to click “Confirm” again to make sure everyone is happy with the trade. There is a small text at the bottom of the interface that will show you whether the other Woozen has already “Accepted” or “Not Accepted” the trade.

Once both players have clicked “Confirm”, the interface will ask you one last time if you are sure you want to complete the trade as a final confirmation.

How to add friends and/or manage my contacts?

In Woozworld you can be Friends with any other Woozen! You can also make them one of your Hot Friends or create a special Relationship with them.

You can see your Friends list in the Contactz window, found by clicking on this icon at the bottom of your screen:

Friends icon

Your Contactz window contains the following tabs: Friends, Hot Friends, Relationships, Friend Requests, Blocked Contacts and Add a Friend.


Friends: This is the list of all your current Friends. From here you can send your friends a message, join them in a Unitz if they’re online or remove them from your Friends list.


Hot Friends: Your Hot Friends are your best and closest friendsin Woozworld. Their image shows up on your WoozIn Page and you’ll see in Woozworld that there’s some actions you can only do with Hot Friends. Choose your GHot Friends carefully, you can only have a maximum of 10 (25 for VIPs) !


Relationships: Here you can see the list of all the Woozens with whom you’ve created a Relationship. See the “How do I make or delete a Relationship?” section for more information on creating Relationships.


Friend Requests: Here you can accept or refuse all the pending requests from other Woozens who want to be your friend! you can also manage your Friend requests on your WoozIn Page.


Blocked Woozens: You can choose to no longer receive messages from another Woozen simply by clicking on the “Block” button at the bottom right of a Woozen’s profile page. When you choose to block another player, you will no longer receive any messages from them and they won’t be able to write on your WoozIn Page any more. If you change your mind, just open the “Blocked Woozens” tab in your Contactz window to see the list of all your blocked Woozens and click on the one you want.


Add a Friend: This is where you can search for any other Woozen by name in order to send them a Friend request.

How do I make or delete a Relationship?

You can make official Relationships in Woozworld thanks to the relationship certificates.


Make a Relationship

Take your friend  to one of the Relationship kiosks available in Woozworld. Click on the kiosk to open a certificate. Drag the certificate on the selected Woozen and choose the relationship type you want to have (mother, daugther, brother…). You just need to pay the requested amount and wait for your friend’s confirmation.

You can find Relationship Kiosks in the following Unitz, found in the Nationz tab of the World menu:

In Lib Street: “Street”

In Colony V: “Cabin”

In Cortoza: “Mountain”

In Mystic Alley: “Fairy Chamber”

Manage and Delete a Relationship

You can see all your Relationships in the Relationships tab of your Contactz window. From there, you can also remove any of your current relationships, simply by clicking on the “End Relationship” button next to each one in the list. If you want to reestablish the relationship or have another one, you need to go to the relationship kiosk to buy another certificate.

How do I turn off e-mail notifications?

In order to do so, you will need to be connected to your Woozworld account and do the following;


–          Click on “Settings” at the top right corner of your screen. (The icon that looks like a hammer and a wrench)

–          Click on the “Notifications” tab.

–          Uncheck the “By E-mail” box next to all the Notifications you do not wish to receive.

–          Do this for every Woozen (character) on the account.


This way you will be able to enjoy Woozworld and the WoozIn without receiving a e-mail every time one of your friends post on your WoozIn!


We are also including below instructions on how you can modify the e-mail address or password associated with your Woozworld account yourself.


–          Go to http://www.woozworld.com/.

–          If you are already logged in, click on the hammer and wrench icon on the top-right of the play window then on the Account tab :

  • Modify the e-mail address (and/or password) associated with your Woozworld account then click the “Confirm” button.

–          If you are not already logged in, click on the “Already a member” button, log in using your account e-mail address and password and then, once the loading is complete and you are on your Woozen, click on the hammer and wrench icon on the top-right of the play window then on the Account tab and on the account tab.

–          Modify the e-mail address (and/or password) associated with your Woozworld account then click the “Confirm” button.


You can easily manage all e-mail addresses and passwords for each of your Woozworld accounts and profiles this way.

How can I lock my Unitz?

Some Zones in Woozworld require a Visitor Key to access them. Your Keys stack in your Keyring, accessible from your tool bar, at the right bottom of your screen. You can lock your own Unitz too. An Owner Key is immediately created for you so that you can access your locked Unitz. The Owner Key is added to your keyring and you can make as many copies as you want for your Woozen friends.

To make copies of your Owner Keys, go to one of the Locksmiths in Woozworld. You just need to identify the Key you want to copy, specify the number of copies you want and pay the required amount. Copies of your Owner Keys are automatically added to your Keyring. You can give them to your friends (click on a Key in your Keyring to take it and drag it on the Woozen present on the screen) or sell them in your Shop Podz for the price you choose.

You can find Locksmiths at the following Unitz: “Avenue” (in the Lib Street Nationz), “Cabin” (in Colony V), “Ruins” (in Cortoza) and “Clearing” (in Mystic alley).

Visitor keys are given to you by your friends, they let you enter their locked Unitz. Vistor Keys are added to your Keyring in their own tab. You cannot give Visitor Keys or make copies of them, only the owner can do that.


But How do I lock/unlock my Unitz?

In Edit mode, you can limit the access to certain items in your Unitz. If you lock a door, a Shop Podz, an animated objetc or any interactive objects, only you can use it. To lock an object from Edit mode, move you cursor over the object and click on the padlock icon.

To unlock the object, move you cursor over the object and click on the open padlock icon.

How to link your Unitz to another or Teleport podz!

How to link your Unitz to another Unitz.

Put your Unitz in Edit mode, roll your cursor over the door and click on the “Set destination” button.

Open a navigation map by clicking on the My World or Woozworld icon.

Drag the image of the Unitz or Zone of your choice to the destination box.

Click OK to finish. That’s it! From now on, this door leads you to the Unitz you chose! You can change it at any time from Edit mode.


How to setup a teleport podz

Put your Unitz in Edit mode.

Place a Teleport Podz in the Unitz.

Roll your cursor over the Podz and click on the “Set destination” button.

Click on an available floor cell to set the destination.

That’s it! From now on, every Woozen clicking on the Podz will be teleported to the destination you set.


Remember you can always change the destination of a Teleport Podz from your Edit Mode.

How to get into Top Unitz

For your Unitz to appear on the Top Unitz list, your Unitz must be one of ten (10) Unitz to have received the most votes in a week. If your Unitz makes it to this top ten (most voted) for a week, the next week, your Unitz will appear in the Top Unitz list for a week.


Wuzzles pieces are a fun way to collect special clothes, furniture, Petz or even Beex in Woozworld! In order to use your Wuzzles pieces, you will need to purchase the Wuzzleboard for the particular item that you want. You can find various Wuzzle pieces and Wuzzle boards in our Wuzzles Unitz stores.


To view your Wuzzle pieces/boards, you will need to click on the Wuzzle icon Wuzzle Icon in your inventory and once this is done you will see all your pieces and boards. If you wish to sort your Wuzzles out, you can use the various options available.

Wuzzle window


To use a board, you will simply need to double click on it, and from there you will be able to drag and drop the Wuzzle pieces that belong to that board on the board.


How to obtain Wuzzles?

TheWuzzle Pieces and Boards are available in the Shop Podz located in the Wuzzle Store, as well as in the Store.

Pieces are sold only in packages (of various sizes), while Boards are sold individually.


Are certain Wuzzles less common than others?


Wuzzles are separated into several categories, given that some of them appear more often than others. There are six categories of frequency:




Very Rare

Extremely Rare

Insanely Rare

Remember that the more rare an object, the more valuable it is!


In order to receive or stop receiving the Woozworld Newsletter, you will need to log into your account, and go to www.woozworld.com and click on the Settings button at the top right of the screen, then select the “Account” tab. From there you will be able to enable or disable the Newsletter by clicking on the checkbox next to the “I wish to receive news and special offers from Woozworld.”

Have gameplay questions?

We understand that you have questions regarding some functionalities in Woozworld. We would encourage you to go browse out FAQ for more answers. The reason that we do this is that if we give all the answers on how Woozworld works, it may make some aspect of the game not as fun to explore and discover.


You can also always ask other players, some of them might be happy to help you.

Contests and Events!

Our animation team is always hard at work to bring you the coolest Contests and Events where you can win cool and exclusive items!

Make sure that you keep an eye on our blog, our Facebook page, our home page, as well as the in-game Billboards and pop-ups for all the latest contests, events and general Woozworld news!

How do I redeem an activation code to my Woozworld account?


To activate your code, simply log on to your Woozen (or character), click on the “Settings” option which you can find on top of the screen (indicated by an icon representing two gears).

Click on “Activate code”.

Then enter your code with the dashes (xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx). Do not confuse Os with zeros (0) and vice versa. To avoid mistakes, please copy the code and paste it into the Activation code window.



In order to redeem an Activation Code on the Woozworld App, you will need to click on the “Menu” button at the bottom left of your screen and then click on “Options”.

From there enter the code in the “Activation Code” field and click on “Redeem”.

Have cool ideas for Woozworld? We would like to hear them!

For gameplay ideas please complete and send the contact form located at http://www.woozworld.com/community/help/.

and it will be our pleasure to submit these to the Woozworld design team who will be sure to evaluate all feedback received, including yours, and then decide what changes need to be made to Woozworld, if any.

Please be aware that you can also submit fashion ideas by completing and sending the contact form located at http://www.woozworld.com/community/help/.  or use the Suggestion Podz which you can find inside the Woozworld Plaza.

What is the Marketplace?

With this new feature, you’ll have direct access to all the items that your fellow Woozens want to sell. And the icing on cake….You can get those Items without having to move around in the unitz (like in Shopz).

You can access this new feature by clicking the following icon which is located on the lower right hand corner of your Woozworld play screen.

Marketplace icon

You can read more about this feature on the Woozworld blog.

Hey! I got a free Woozmas Tree what can I do with it?



This year we were able to get the biggest Woozmas tree yet but one thing we didn’t notice… all our Woozmas baublez and ornaments are missing (we can guess who!). KountVonKlokz and the Ice Queen are trying to ruin our Woozmas spirit and we will not allow that to happen!

We’re asking YOU to help spread Woozmas spirit throughout Woozworld! Through the magic of Woozmas, everyone was given a bare Woozmas Tree that you will be able to decorate using Baublez! The more Woozmas Trees that are decorated in Woozworld, the more Woozmas spirit will shine in the Woozworld Plaza… AND the more gifts that are placed in the Plaza!

Woozmas Tree Facts:

–       You have a free Woozmas Tree in your inventory!

–       Only 24 Baublez can be placed on a Woozmas Tree.

–       Baublez are located in the “misc” tab of your Spellz window.

–       You can move Baublez around the tree when in Unitz Edit mode.

–       You can also delete Baublez from the Woozmas Tree (delete, not remove to your inventory).

–       You can lock your Woozmas Tree so only you can decorate.


Little Baublez will be appearing around Woozworld that you can click on and collect. Once in your Misc Spellz inventory, you can drag the Baublez onto a Woozmas Tree to decorate. The Baublez you pick up around Woozworld are worth 1 Woozmas Spirit point. Baublez bought in Beex are worth 3 spirit points, Baublez purchased for Wooz are worth 10 spirit points and the exclusive Baublez in the Store are worth 20 spirit points.

If you fill up your tree, you can help friends decorate theirs! There will also be trees placed around Woozworld for you to find and decorate to show KountVonKlokz and the Ice Queen that we have Woozmas spirit!



New Woozworld economy Q&A

Where can I get Wooz from now on?

You can currently only get Wooz from the Woozworld Store.


Are items in Shopz only in Wooz?

Not at all! There’s now a permanent catalog in Shopz where everything is available for Wooz OR Beex! There will be items from time to time that are Wooz only.


Can I use a Preztige item that is higher level than my Preztige level?

You can avoid the Preztige level of a garment if you purchase with Wooz, otherwise leveling up is the way to go!


Can I sell a Preztige item that is higher level than my Preztige level?



With Beex being the main currency, what happens to Wooz?

Wooz still plays a very important role in obtaining Exclusive Wooz-only goods and the buyer of said goods avoids the Preztige level on items purchased in Wooz.


Is it difficult to level up my Preztige?

No, we’ve adjusted the amount of Preztige points needed to level up. In fact you will be able to level up 100x faster!


Am I restricted to sell items in my Shop Podz for a minimum price?

No! You can sell an item for however much or less you wish in Beex!


Why can’t I sell an item for Wooz anymore?

Wooz is a special currency that can only be purchased from the Store to get exclusive Wooz-only goods!


I bought a friend’s item and can’t wear it, why?

Clothing assets are restricted to Preztige meaning you have to be the Preztige level indicated on the clothing to wear it. This means if you are at Preztige Level 10, you cannot wear a Preztige Level 20 garment. You CAN sell it for Beex to get another asset from Shopz or trade it for another piece of clothing/furniture.


It’s not fair, I can’t wear an item that I already got.

If you had the clothing asset in your inventory before this update, you will not be restricted by the Preztige to wear it. All clothing assets that have a little Wooz icon in your inventory are not restricted by Preztige and you can wear them!


What happens when I sell or trade a piece of clothing that I bought with Wooz?

When you buy a piece of clothing for Wooz, only YOU will be able to avoid the Preztige level and wear it. Once a Woozen buys it from you or gets the clothing from a trade, they will be restricted by the Preztige Level of the clothing item.


Can I donate items to other users aka add items to my Shop Podz for free?

Yes! There is no restriction for pricing in your Shop Podz!


Why is there a service fee on Shop Podz sales?

The Shop Podz in Woozworld are optional ways to distribute items to other users, which is called a second-hand market. In every second-hand market there is a service fee to use the feature to be able to sell. The owner pays that service fee. Selling using any Shop Podz feature will have a 10% service fee per item.

Example: If you sell an item at 100 Beex, 10 Beex automatically goes towards the service fee and you end up receiving 90 Beex.

There is also a 20% fee for advertising your items on the Marketplace.

Example: If you sell an item at 100 Beex, 20 Beex automatically goes towards the service fee and you end up receiving 80 Beex.

Where can I get all the information on the new Gourmet foodz?

To read all about the new Gourmet Foodz line, please visit the Woozworld blog at http://www.woozworld.com/community/hungry-hungry-woozens/.

What is Woozworld policy regarding illicit behavior in Woozworld?

Any Woozen found to behave in an illicit manner and/or found in possession of illicit furniture or clothing will have their Woozworld account banned permanently from Woozworld. Please report illicit behavior to the Woozworld Customer Support and Moderation team. Should you find ways to gain possession of items illicitly, thus create illicit items, please delete the items, report the manner you used to gain access to said items, do not communicate this manner with anyone else and stop using it.
To report illicit behavior, please contact Woozworld Customer Support through the Woozworld online support form at: http://www.woozworld.com/community/help/

How can I create my Woozworld account?

Woozworld can be played on three different ways, through Apple devices and Android devices (App) and through our website at www.woozworld.com.

If you wish to install the Woozworld App on your Apple or Android device, you will need to download the App from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store.

Regardless of the option that you prefer to enjoy Woozworld, the account creation goes like this;

If you do not already have an account, click on “Not a member? Join now!”

  • Select the community you wish to join ( English, Français or Português).
  • We encourage you and your parents to read our Privacy policy, Code of conduct and  Terms of use. Once this is done click the check box and hit “Select”.
  • Following the instructions on the screen will let you choose the gender of your Woozen customize it to your liking.
  • Next you will be able to choose your first Unitz!
  • You have the choice if you wish to do or skip the tutorial. If you have never played Woozworld and wish to know the basics, we encourage you to do the tutorial.
  • And thats it! You are now ready to discover Woozworld!

If you are enjoying Woozworld and wish to remove the restrictions from your account, all you need to do is to confirm your account.

  • In order to gain access to all the features in Woozworld you will need to confirm your account.
  • To do so, all you need to do is attempt a restricted action (chatting, trading, WoozIn). Click on “Confirm my account” once the popup appears.

Confirm window

On this screen, you will be able to confirm your account creation;

  • Enter the e-mail address that you want to use to connect to the account.
  • Password
  • Secret question and answer
  • Date of birth

This will complete your account creation. You can still access Woozworld without confirming your e-mail, but you will have limited access to the features included in Woozworld.


Once your account is created and confirmed, the next step will be to validate your e-mail in order to gain cool rewards!


To validate your e-mail, simply go in your Account settings


You can also access your Account settings from the WoozIn!


Under the Account tab, click on validate e-mail.


The validation e-mail should be delivered to you within 5 minutes, once received, simply click on

Validate email link

And voilà!





This new feature is basically a way to earn rewards over time. Depending on your Preztige level, you will get to choose from a list of activities with different completing timers to earn the reward.






Once you meet the requirement to start an activity, you can click on Start and that is all! All you have to do is to wait for the timer to reach 0 and Claim your reward! The longer the timers and the bigger the requirement, the bigger the reward!



Some activities have longer cooldown periods, so don’t forget to do those everytime they are available!



There is a new Quests window!


This will regroup all your objectives, quests and even our new daily objectives into one cool window!

This should make it easier for you to manage your objectives.

Our new daily objectives will also be an additional way for you to earn rewards! As the name suggests, these objectives resets every day. The daily objectives will not accumulate if you miss a day.

ShopZ looks different now… Why?

There are indeed new features launched in ShopZ that include:

  • A new look and better performance
  • Much more content!
  • Introduction of Favorite items
  • Introduction of the ShopZ Cart
  • Discounts and Flash Sales
  • Limited Time items
  • A new way to create a look and purchase garments directly from your Closet
  • A new way to easily buy items you see in the World
  • More details when purchasing store packs (Mobile Woozens only)

For more details about each new feature, please visit Woozworld’s Blog.