What is the difference between memberships, VIP Passes and Wooz packs?

Our offers can be broken down into three major branch; Subscriptions, VIP Passes, Wooz packs.


Subscriptions come in four (4) forms; 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year. Subscriptions will give the account VIP benefits and will renew itself at the end of their respective time. Subscriptions need to be cancelled by the account owner via the Manage my Account option or by contacting us. Subscriptions are applied to the whole account.


VIP Passes are often packaged with a few in-game items or Wooz (in-game special currency). VIP Passes come in two forms, 7 Days and 30 Days, once the VIP Pass period ends, the Pass will simply expire and does not need to be cancelled manually. For VIP Passes, while the VIP status is applied to the whole account, the bonus items/Wooz will only be given to the Woozen selected at the moment of purchase.


Wooz packs will often come with exclusive in-game items and a quantity of Wooz. The amount of Wooz varies from offers to offers at a price range from 0,99$ to 19,99$. For Wooz packs, the items and Wooz will only be given to the Woozen selected at the moment of purchase.


When purchasing a subscription or VIP Pass you will become a VIP, and this will give you certain privileges in the game :


  1. You get a daily allowance of 60 Wooz for each Woozen on the account.
  2. You get more than double the Beex for Plantz, achievements and gaining a Preztige Level.
  3. You get to skip ahead of waiting lines to get into popular Unitz.
  4. You get access to new clothes, furniture and some special features before anyone else in Woozworld.
  5. You get access to some exclusive Unitz.
  6. You get 20 starting Energy instead of 15.
  7. You get a golden profile window.


We would like to also point out that our offers with the label “up to xxxx Wooz” take into consideration the amount of Wooz you will receive every day with the VIP Pass or subscription linked to the offer as well as the possible achievement you may get (if it is the first time your account is VIP).

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