How to get clothes/items in Woozworld?

You can get clothes and items in multiple ways in Woozworld, but the two major sources for clothes are either the Shopz or through a Shop Podz. The Shopz is accessible at any time by clicking the Shopz buttons either on the left side or on the bottom of the screen.


In the Shopz you can purchase Garments, Furnitre and all sorts of other items, including Unitz, accessories and even WooPetz! The Shopz is separated in different sections, including one for New Stuff, one just for Energy, another exclusively for VIPs and even a section that contains only items that are locked by Preztige Level. The items in each section can be sorted by price, by Feature or by number of WoozUps received.


You can search through the items that are sold in the various Shop Podz around Woozworld by clicking on the Catalog Search button. The Catalog Search will sift through all the Shop Podz in Woozworld, including those that belong to other players as well as those that belong to Woozworld. You can also visit another player’s Unitz to check out their Shop Podz in person, and you can find all the Unitz containing Woozworld Shop Podz by clicking on the “Store” tab of the World menu (click on the green “World” button to find it). Visit those at any time to buy cool exclusive items!

It is possible to get more clothing articles and items through contests and events, but for those you will need to keep an eye on our blog here.

You can also get special clothing and items through Woozworld Secrets, our Woozworld app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Click here for more details.

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