Help Defeat Mouhahahahahaha

Calling all Woozens! Calling all Woozens!

 It seems that Mouahahaha is getting bigger and stronger… But don’t panic, guys! Max and Jenny just found out that when he shows up,you must click on him several times and he will gradually lose his strength.

Will this really work? Is this finally the end of Mouahahaha’s Hex on Woozworld?

Keep an eye open for pop-ups that will appear on your screen.

Go to the Unitz where he is and get a Hocus Pocus Spellz for every battle won against him! Max assures us that if we are able to defeat Mouhahaha in the long run, woozens who helped out will  receive 10 Hocus Pocus Spellz! !!!

 All together against Mouahahaha!