Haunted Housez Unitz Design Contest

slider-haunted-houseHalloween is in the air, and what better way to celebrate than with a good scare?

Get a team together to create the creepiest Haunted House in Woozworld, and you could win hosting duties for a special party on Friday, October 16th!

STEP 1: Form a team of 3 – 5 Woozens
– Your team must include at least one member with a Preztige level less than 30. (This is so you design experts can show new Woozens how it’s done!)sm-haunted-house-en

STEP 2: Build your Haunted House
– Each member of your team must own one of the Haunted House’s Unitz
– One room of the House must be a haunted bathroom, using the new Ouache bathroom line
– The rooms of the House must be connected by Door Podz or Linkz

STEP 3: Submit your Unitz
– Only one member of your team should enter their part of your Haunted House to the orange podz in the Haunted House Design Contest Unitz. (Remember, the other Unitz from your team should be linked to this one!)
– Include the names of the other members of your team, and tell us a bit about your concept when you submit!

Be sure to follow all the rules listed above, or your Haunted House may be disqualified. The contest submission period will close on Tuesday, October 13th. Over the next few days, Woozband members may visit well-designed Haunted Housez.

On Friday, October 16th, the Woozband will host a party in the winning Haunted House! All Unitz in the winning Haunted House will be added to the Featured section of the Woozworld Map, and remain Featured for the rest of October.

Now, what are you waiting for? Let the haunting begin!