New Gourmet Chef’s Oven and its crazy tricks!
  • July 21, 2014

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EasyBakeOven (2)The WHOLE-NEW-AWESOME-DELICIOUS world of desserts just became even more formidable with the brand new Gourmet Chef’s Oven!

You are now able to make a variety of delectable baked Gourmet Foodz by combining your new Gourmet Chef’s Oven with the newest Gourmet Cupcake Shape, and using some yummy Pink Gourmet Marshmallows or Blue Gourmet Frosting ingredients.

We have started to promote the Gourmet Chef of the Week in the WoozNewz! To become the Gourmet Chef of the Week, you need to produce as many Gourmet Foodz as you can in just a week! You can grow ingredients from Sweeds and BIO furni or you can skip the growing process and get Gourmet Ingredients instantly from the Woozworld Store.

Gourmet Foodz are extra special and give your Woozen crazy tricks (side effects). The first ingredient you choose will be the base of your Gourmet Foodz (and determine the eating trick, read more below), the second and third will help add on epic effects and make it oh so delish!

chococupcakeUse Chocolate as the base of your recipe and give your Gourmet Foodz a kick that’ll make any Woozen soar with speed (or sometimes, slow down).

jellyUse Jelly ingredients as the base in your Gourmet Foodz and change your skin color.

WoozIn - Mozilla Firefox_2014-07-15_14-38-35Use Caramel or Marshmallow to your sweet delights and watch your Woozen shrink and grow in only a few bites.

It’s also important to know that with your Gourmet Chef’s Oven ; you will produce baked Gourmet Foodz, with the Gourmet Ice Machine ; you get Gourmet Yogurt or Ice Cream and the Gourmet Jelly Machine produces delicious Jelly Gourmet Foodz.

Can you unlock all the Gourmet Recipes, now that ALL the amazing Gourmet Cooking Machines, Shapes and Ingredients are out?

Mix it , bake it and enjoy your amazing Gourmet Foodz with friends!