Going Bananas for Monkeyz!
  • May 8, 2015

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daria54Elephantz have been stomping around Woozworld for a while now, but there’s a new group in town: MONKEYS! These rambunctious bundles of energy are close to Woozen-level intelligence… and they have the personality quirks to match.george2

King, the most regal of monkeys, is also the only colorable breed! His favorite monkey garment is the pirate hat, because he’s always ready for adventure!
Snooty Sir thinks of himself as the King. This monkey sure knows how to throw shade.
Clever Cleve knows more monkey facts than she knows what to do with, but she’s no snobby Sir. She’s happy to share!
Bananas is an unpredictable one. You never what Bananas will say or do next, except that it’ll be zany!
– Poor teenage Daria is going through a bit of an existential crisis. She may be moody, but she always feels better when wearing her beret.
Suave is a smooth-talking monkey, prone to giving compliments – and maybe a little primping underneath his fedora.
– Watch out for Fred – he’s the troublemaker of the bunch. This mohawk-loving punk monk(ey) will do just about anything for a prank!
– Last but certainly not least, George is your typical, high-energy, supercurious monkey. If you had a Monkey WooPet in the past, you already know George!

Which monkey is your favorite?