Ghastly, Ghostly, Great Ghoul-o-ween!










For centuries, Vampires, Goblins, Franks and Mummies have disputed the Cortoza territory. Now, for the first time, you can become one of these ghouls – and transform others too! The ghoul clan that creates the most of its kind will be the only ones to live in Cortoza, while the others crumble to dust.

Visit one of the ghouls’ HQ Unitz in order to select your team. You can only join one team, so choose your ghoulish goal carefully!

Once you’ve joined, your face and hair will transform into the monster of your choice, and you’ll receive a SymbZ representing your team. Activate this SymbZ to transform any non-ghoulish Woozens in the Unitz! Infected Woozens will take on your team’s appearance until a rival monster activates their own SymbZ. The ghoul team that converts the most Woozens by Halloween will recieve a special prize!slider-ghouloween


Wear one of the protective Anti-Ghoul hairstyles available in Shopz in order to maintain a normal Woozen appearance. But beware! If you take the hairstyle off, you will be transformed.

Protective mask not good enough for you? Professor Preztige has medicine, available in limited quantity in the Woozworld Store, that protects against all ghoulish transformations. If you’ve taken this medicine, you can wear whatever you want, whenever and wherever you want. No ghoul will be able to transform you.

Now, may the best ghoul win! Happy haunting!