Get a taste of #PopWooz
  • October 15, 2014

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Ready to add some POP to your Unitz? Of course, we’re referring to pop culture, all those trending topics you know and love. There’s always something new happening in celebrity pop culture and we want to bring that to you, in real time, live, #nofilter.

The latest pop culture trends will be added to Shopz under the category #PopWooz. There you’ll find clothing, furniture, and Unitz based around current events, from breakups to babies, celebrity vacations to championship games. We can’t predict what’s next for our favorite stars, but we’ll be ready for it when it happens!

Each pop culture craze will start on a Friday and end the following Monday. Items in the #PopWooz category will only be available for one weekend, appearing and disappearing as quickly as trends themselves. On #PopWooz weekends, one of the Woozband will visit your #PopWooz Display Eventz to see how you’ve made the trend your own. If the Woozband like your style, you may just see your Unitz shared on the WoozIN. #RealUnitzofPopWooz

This week, we’ve been inspired by some recent high-profile celeb unions (Brangelina, anyone?). When wedding fever catches on, who can escape the heat?

Keep up with the #PopWooz!