For the Love of the Loot

Calling all pirates!


Treasure Chest Leaderboard

There’s word that Magic Treasure Chests are appearin’ all over Woozworld! Will YOU bring home big winnings?!

An’ these aren’t just any chests… They are tough to crack! So tough, in fact, that you’ll need to click them 50 times to open them! Beware, though, these be pirate’s chests and, when it comes to pirates, it’s first-come-first-served. That means only ONE Woozen will claim the chest’s prize within, even if several have clicked it!

The chests are appearin’ in Featured Woozworld Unitz wherever groups of pirates be spendin’ their time!

Keep yer good eye on the PirateZ Treasure Leaderboard to see where ye be standin’ (and to see how rare yer treasures be!).

Will you be the one to claim the loot? Only one way to find!

Best of luck to ye!