Fanlala is here!
  • December 1, 2014

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Hey Woozens!

Have you ever heard of Fanlala? Fanlala is the best source for news and gossip about your favorite teen celebs, movies, music, tv, fashion and more! From Selena to Ariana, Hunger Games to Austin & Ally, Fanlala has got you covered. And guess what: Fanlala is visiting Woozworld!

Go to our fan-tastic Fanlala Unitz in Woozworld to watch cool videos, make new friends, and come across Fanlala’s community where you’ll have hours on end of fun! That’s not all; keep an eye open for the upcoming Fanlala quiz for the chance to win a cool prize!

Head over to Fanlala to check out exclusive interviews, take awesome quizzes and vote on the coolest polls! It’s like a teen magazine come to life! Don’t wait any longer for the ULTIMATE fan experience.