• January 30, 2015

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There is an usually intense cold front pushing toward Woozworld. As if that’s not enough, this cold front appears to be accompanied by “a dark gray cloud of doom,” according to a spokesperson from the Woozworld Weather Bureau. “These kinds of clouds have been known to cause outbreaks of gloominess, loss of color, and even spitefulness or outbursts of anger.”

Luckily, Professor Preztige has created a limited supply of Love Boosters that will protect Woozens against the dampening effects of the “hate cloud.” The Professor will be selling this Boost of Love in the Woozworld Store this weekend, but he predicts his stockpile will run out by February 1st. These Boosts of Love include not only the protection itself, but also a few items to help Woozens combat the dark and stormy days that could lie ahead.
– a special SymbZ to temporarily protect those close to you
– an empty heart encasement furniture
– 100 Wooz

While the Weather Bureau is hopeful that the gray cloud will pass by Woozworld as it travels farther south, they urge caution for the days ahead. “We’re thankful to have the technology to warn Woozens ahead of time,” said the Weather Bureau chief when asked for comment. “When the last hate cloud hit in the winter of ’98, we were completely unprepared.”