• February 3, 2015

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Last week, the Woozworld Weather Bureau warned of an approaching cold front, accompanied by a strange gray cloud. We’ve now learned the truth: this cloud is the result of all the mean-spirited and hateful things Woozens (and Woozband) have done to one another. Nestling above Woozworld, this “hate cloud” is absorbing the color and joy from Woozworld and leaving us only with gray gloom and hateful faces. If you were able to protect yourself using Professor Preztige’s Boost of Ms-MirajeLove, your true loving spirit and colorful personality are protected. But for the rest of us, what can we do now?

An excentric member of the Woozworld Weather Bureau, forecaster and fortune teller Ms. Miraje, was the first to foresee an evil approaching Woozworld – and now it’s arrived. She has offered her help to combat this menacing cloud, but she’s wary of helping us: “These are the very Woozens whose behavior caused this cloud of woe, so why should I reveal all that I know? My crystal ball can light the way, but only if my price you pay.” (Did we mention that Ms. Miraje only speaks in rhymes and riddles?)

Pay a visit to Ms. Miraje in Woozworld to find out more about this cloud, and how you can get out from under it.