Exclusive APP newz!!
  • May 16, 2014

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We have an EXCLUSIVE look at what the Woozworld Designers have been working on day AND night. It seems to be something similar to a College-like varsity jacket but I’m wondering what that blue face might also represent.

“The varsity jacket is a Woozworld App exclusive.” the insider with the green hat spilled. “You will only be able to get it if you sign on the Woozworld App.”

The Woozworld App will be available on May 22, 2014. If what the insider says is true, we can surely expect MORE exclusive assets for the Woozworld App.

BUT WHAT ABOUT THE BLUE FACE. We reached out to the bean spiller for an explanationwoozarazzi-spoiler

“That’s nothing… we use that just to determine the head of the Woozen skeleton.”

LIES. The insider obviously wants to keep this secret but it looks like a NEW Emo!

I CAN’T WAIT,” said a Woozen we told the story to, “WHEN I’M FEELING BLUE, I CAN JUST HAVE BLUE FACE!”

What do you think, Woozens? Post on my WoozIn page and let’s guess together!

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