Eventz July 27th – August 2nd
  • July 26, 2013

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Weekend Eventz

On Saturday, July 27th, starting at 10 AM WT (11 AM EST), JennyWooz will visit One Direction stage Display Eventz to help you make music videos for her Video Challenge! Remember, submissions close Monday night, so get her advice (and her guest star appearance!) while you can.

Later on Saturday, at 12 PM WT (1 PM EST), MyaWooz will host her famous, fabulous Star of the Week competition!  This week, show Mya your best Prehistoric Collection outfit.  Scare off those Dinoz by showing off your fiercely fabulous style and win this week’s title!

On Sunday, July 28th, starting at 10 AM WT (11 AM EST), JayWooz will host his famous VIP Freestyle Hour. This weeks’ theme is Time Travel Battle! What time period would you visit if you could travel through time? Prehistoric times, ancient Greece, ancient China, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Gilded Age? Would you want to meet Cleopatra, Leonardo da Vinci, or George Washington? Go wild and lay down some sick rhymes!


Next Week’s Schedule

Schedule for July 29th – August 2nd
Day Event Time Woozband
Monday What the Wooz?! 6:30 PM WT MyaWooz
Tuesday Unitz Design Challenge (theme in Hot Topicz) JayWooz
Wednesday Prehistoric Quiz 3:00 PM WT MaxWooz
Wednesday Woozlympics Rock Climbing 6:30 PM WT MaxWooz
Friday Prehistoric Maze 10:00 AM WT JennyWooz