Eventz August 3rd – 9th
  • August 2, 2013

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Weekend Eventz

On Saturday, August 3rd, MyaWooz will host a postponed Late Night Show at 10 AM WT (11 AM EST). Come to the show for all the newz and updatez, stay for the sneak peekz and possibly some picz!

Later on Saturday, at 12 PM WT (1 PM EST), MyaWooz will be back to host her famous, fabulous Star of the Week competition!  This week, show Mya your best Ancient Greece Collection outfit.  Make the godz jealous of your style!

On Sunday, August 4th, at 10 AM WT (11 AM EST), MaxWooz will host his VIP Map Game. You’ve been traveling through time, but how well could you travel the globe? Test your knowledge with Max!


Next Week’s Schedule

Schedule for August 5th – 9th
Day Event Time Woozband
Monday Community Choice event 6:30 PM WT JayWooz
Tuesday Video Challenge (theme in Hot Topicz) JennyWooz
Tuesday Ancient Greek Quiz 3:00 PM WT MaxWooz
Wednesday Game Show 6:30 PM WT MaxWooz
Thursday Ancient Greek Maze 3:00 PM WT MyaWooz
Friday Late Night Show 6:30 PM WT MyaWooz