Eva and Fil top short stories revealed!










Picking the top Eva and Fil short stories was no easy task. We would like to thank everyone who participated, your imaginations and creativity never ceases to amaze us. Without any further ado, here are your top stories:


The story of Eva and FilWooz by XAaleeyahX

It all started years ago when they were both born. Their life was never the normal type. Their parents were weird-looking people from outer space, which made them get picked on whenever they showed up at Wooz School. They began growing up– and fast. They wanted to know more about their not-normal parents so their parents began telling them the story.

The Wooz kids still didn’t quite understand what all of this meant so they tried a library. Let’s just say: nothing worked! They eventually got tired of the library and everything else so they went to learn the story doing something totally without permission. Their normal neighbors, Nona and Peter, kept a car in front of their house. Eva and Fil decided they’d use that to go about their journey. As soon as Fil got in, Eva began panicking. “Fil, are you sure about going back?” But Fil didn’t answer because he was too determined to find out about his parents. Eva gave in and got in the car.

Meanwhile, their father was at home becoming very ill. The children knew nothing about their sick father. The car broke down so they pushed it back to WoozVille in front of Nona’s home. They walked in and to their surprise: their sick father was lying on the couch looking blue. They knew exactly how to cure an ill. The magical flower!

This magical powered flower has been passed down in their family for years. Fil ran to the backyard (which was a weird looking backyard at that) but he finally realised the last Azurium flower is far, far away. He ran back inside and grabbed Eva’s hand and led her back to Nona’s car. “Fil, where exactly are we going now?” Eva grabbed her WoozPad to check the time but instead Fil told her “look up Azurium flower, asap!” Eva obeyed and looked it up on Woozipedia. She found out the Azurium flower became extinct before they were even born. “Uh, Fil… we sort of have a problem..” She informed Fil about the extinct flower and then………….


The Adventure Of Fil & Eva by Jazzopop

“Dad?” Eva whimpered as her father lay on his bed, coughing up blood. “Fil?” She stood up as her brother came in, a gust of wind coming with him. Eva pushed away her hair as her pink stripes lashed her face. “Fil?” She stared at her brother but he ignored her and walked towards their father.”Fil,” their father winced and turned to see his son. Fil kneeled down on the ground, his blue striped hair falling into his eyes. “Father,” he looked up, determination burning in his eyes, “We will save you. Hang in there.”Fil stood up and glanced at his sister for the first time,” Come on Eva, let’s go.” “Where? Why?” She scrambled after her brother.”We’re going to save dad.” He replied. “Have you heard of the flower ‘Azurium’?” “Of course,” Eva rolled her eyes at her brother,”Azurium, pronounced as aa-zuhr-ee-um, it cures all sicknesses and diseases, became extinct in April of 2014. Current year, 2039. Extinct for 25 years.” She looked smugly at her brother.

“Just one thing, Fil?” She glanced at her brother, “How do we get there?”

“This.” He gestured at his car and Eva raised her eyebrows, “I made some alternations. Buckle up, sis. Let’s fly.” He smirked and put his hand on the handle, scrolling down until the number flashing was ‘2014’. “One more thing, sis. Don’t tell mom.”

“WAIT! WHAT? Mom doesn’t know?!” Eva stared at Fil like he was crazy. He just smiled and pressed the button. All that was left of the brother and sister in 2039 was a star hair-clip that fell out of Eva’s hair. “Ow FIL! Did you have to crash the car?” Eva snapped, rubbing her arm and smoothing down her hair. “Where are we?”

“Welcome to 2014, April 4th.” Fil breathed out, shielding his eyes from the glaring blaze of the sun.

“Wow, it’s…” Eva trailed off.

“I think the word you are looking for is ‘different’. Fil suggested.

Eva nodded, her mouth hanging open. “So this is the past, ain’t half bad huh?” Joked Fil

“Yep, ain’t half bad.” Replied Eva.



Eva and Fil’s full story by lilirider

You guys have probably heard about Fil and Eva right well I’m pretty sure you don’t know the full story about them here let me tell you a little bit about them .it was in 2023 Fil and Eva were just born they had no idea what was to become of their future, there mom was a beautiful young lady that had long flowing hair and, there dad was a business man. They were always around their mom since their dad wasn’t always there and, when he was he was mainly in his office.

Many years passed by and Fil and Eva were about to be ten years old and they begged their dad to come but when the time came he couldn’t make it in time because of his job. After that Fil’s mom told him that she was getting too old and that he would have to look out for his sister and himself. That’s when he got all rude he started to be more independent and only showed his good side to his mom and sister. He also grew a grudge over his dad but it was only because he was never there for them. He actually loved him very much.

But enough about Fil let’s talk a little bit bout Eva , she’s a smart young girl, she is very shy at times but once you get to know here she is very nice and easy going since she was little. She has always been around her brother because he is the closest person to here and the only one she can call friend. She has many hidden talents, both Eva and Fil do, they just have to find out what they are.

So now they came to 2014 to find a cure for their dad because though he was never there for them, they want to be there for him. But there is one task that is making it difficult for them to find the cure it got extinct in our time.



Was it our fault?  by Tagmix

There’s a bright light as they are transported to the past. Eva is the first to get out of their blue Faver (car). Fil stays in not knowing where to start looking for the flower that can heal wounds; he knows that he needs to find it fast before it’s too late.

Eva starts to wonder off and stumbles upon a beautiful village with people singing and laughing. Four teens stop what they doing and look at her. They never saw anyone as beautiful as her. They walk up and introduce themselves. “Hi I’m Max; this is Jay, Mya and Jenny. Eva is startled but introduces herself, after a while she tells them she’s looking for a flower that can help heal wounds. The teens knowing what flower she’s talking about show her to the field full of them. Eva bends down and picks four flowers. She thanks the teens and returns back to her brother. Fil is amazed to see the flowers that his sister has together they go back to the future to save their dad.

When they got back Fil rushed to give the flowers to their dad. Eva on the other hand goes to the libary wanting to know what happened to the field of flowers and why they disappeared to her surprise she found out that the reason the flowers disappeared is because the village was destroyed by a fire that started which spread to the last field of those flower on April 22 which was the same day she and brother visited the past. Eva never told her brother this she kept it a secret forever not wanting to wonder if they started it by going to the past.

The End…