What’s that Rumbling? An Earthquake? A Thunderstorm? No, it’s…
  • March 26, 2015

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…a whole flock of elephants!

As you may have herd, we’ve updated WooPetz to make them more independent, fun and full of personality. These clever elephants can talk, explore, moonwalk, and tell jokes (thought we can’t promise that they’re always funny), depending on their individual preferences. Plus, they’re so resourceful you don’t need to feed or clean them!

Eight rambunctious new elephants will make their way into Shopz, with a few colors reserved for VIP only:elephant_HT_EN
– wise old Wisdom (they say an elephant never forgets!)
– happy-go-lucky Felix
– mopey Eeyoren
Lazarian, the perfect lounge buddy
– cranky (but loveable) Grumps
– sweet Shya
Hyperion, always ready for an adventure
– and of course, wacky Punderful always spouting off silly jokes

Divalicious golden elephant Elly Perry, the only baby elephant known to fly and sing, will make her debut in the Woozworld Store. Also in Store, you can find accesories and designs to customize your spunky new Petz.

Your world, your way, your elephant!