Easter EGGstraordinaire!

Donny Thump

Well, the Hares really messed up this time.

It all started when the Hares’ Society president, Donny Thump, decided he wanted to beat the OmEGGaZ Bunnies at their own game: Easter.

RottenEggIn his haste to beat the Bunnies, Mr. Thump released some Easter products, but they didn’t come out quite as planned. In fact, they came out pretty badly. Not only do the Hares’ SymbZ have, ahem, interesting effects, but since they were released, rotten Hare Eggs have been popping up all over Woozworld. It ain’t pretty.

This is where you come in. Donny Thump has contacted Steve Hops (OmEGGaZ CEO) to ask for help cleaning this mess up. Steve, in turn, has asked you to help out, too. There’s strength in numbers, after all! Steve not only wants you to pick up the Hare Eggs though; he wants you to replace them with the Bunnies’ Easter eggs, also known as EggieZ! He’s even providing you with Biohazard Gloves to pick up the Hare Eggs (you don’t want that on your skin) and a special EggieZ SymbZ to place EggieZ around Woozworld.

Woozens who pick up enough Hare Eggs and replace them with enough EggieZ will receive a prize.

Also, Woozens who collect the most EggieZ will win a prize! Make sure to get your EggieZ Basket in ShopZ so you can start collecting.

After all, what would Easter be without an Easter Egg Hunt?

Well, what are you waiting for?! Get out there and save Easter! The Bunnies are counting on you.