Earth Day Activities
  • April 22, 2015

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We’ve asked you to share your plans to help the planet on Earth Day.  We’d like to thank everyone who sent in inspiring ideas. Your efforts and commitment towards our planet is remarkable! Read the top 5 winning submissions sent to us over the past week.


Well, here in New York, we have a lot of litter, out on the streets, the parks, the beaches, and the subway stations. My friends and I, we are planning on going out there after school with our  school group, called Global Kids Organization, and clean up. A lot of us already recycle, and instead of me using hot water for an hour, I can reduce my showering time, and make sure I have all of the lights off, when my family and I leave the house. Trying to keep the Earth healthy! just like me!


Well on Earth Day I will be gardening because I like to plant vegetables and trees to help society. I’m also making craft houses for birds so they can have somewhere to live, also recycling and last but not least my friends and I will be donating to charity and cleaning up the parks and streets and so on.


I am going to the beach for Earth Day :) During that time I will do community service! I will go along the beach picking up trash, glass, and help clean our amazing earth! I’ll also be putting up flyers saying “Don’t take showers for 10 minutes take them for 3, don’t use it when you don’t need it!” To help with drought’s, and save more water so we have more than 3 percent that is fresh.


For Earth Day, I will become a vegetarian for one day and celebrate. I’ll be earth conscious since everything around me should be appreciated. I’ll wear green and conserve energy. I want to be able to donate money to help wildlife and join groups to clean up my environment. I want to be an encouragement to others and remind them saying.”Save planet earth! It’s the only planet with chocolate!” Tbh, what is there not to appreciate about earth? Think harder.
The computers we use are from the earth. The food we eat is from the earth. The cars we drive and the clothes we wear are all from the earth! Everything around us is from the earth, and that’s just fascinating. The trees give us fresh air, and life all around us is full of energy. Such a gift like this can’t be forgotten. So I’m going to do the best I can with what I have to fully enjoy such an important day. Life is a gift from God, He created everything for us, and that’s why I want to cherish this gift He has given us, and not throw it away. @saveearth


I’m going to be picking up trash in my community with 4 other people from my school Mark, Tanya, James, and Sundus. We are going to start off by cleaning all of the parks in our neighborhood, (they have a lot of trash like plastic cups and broken glass from bottles etc.) and then after we finish we are going to help out the people at the bee garden to plant flowers & trees. We are also going to  make “please recycle” posters to put on fences & finish it all off with a movie on nature at our local community center & celebrate with frozen fat free organic yogurt 😀